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The Lucky Children | KalliKids

The lucky children

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Meet the amazingly lucky children who applied in 2014 and had a whole year of classes, sponsored by KalliKids accredited activity providers in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

All the children involved have had a unique experience learning something completely new, from swimming to piano, dance, tennis or maths to name but a few.

Throughout their journey, we've been documenting their progress via blogs from Mums & Dads and also children old enough to write themselves. Parents videoed various stages of the activities so we can see the progress made by each child. 

Our goal is to inspire and encourage other children to try out new activities too. Take a look at the lucky children taking part and read about how they are finding it so far. 

Alex Dalton, Educational Expert, will be observing the children throughout the year.

        Ava and TopSpin Monkeys (Tennis)

        Conor and MagiKats (English)

        Flossie and WetWetWet Swim School (Swimming)

        Robyn and WetWetWet Swim School (Swimming)
         Eve and Art of Dance (Dance)

     Zoe and Piece by Piece Music (Piano)

    Sunny and The Flamenco Dance Academy (Flamenco)

     Mason et Kimbalu (Music)

    Braxton and The Little Swim School (Swimming)

    Ellie and Made and Making (Crafting)

The year is now coming to an end - they have learnt sooooo much!

    Adam and C'est Chouette singing French (French)

    Jackson and Dandelion Theatre Arts (Acting)

    Nelly and JK Theatre (Acting)

    Bea and Windmill Young Actors (Acting)


     Nathaniel and Mathemagical (maths)

      Jasmine and Blackbelt Leaders (martial arts)

   Olivia and Aquatots (Swimming)

    Zara and The Little Swim School (Swimming)

   Morgan and Art of Dance (Dance)