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Lucky Sponsored Kids: Conor Learns English | KalliKids

Conor learns English with MagiKats

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Conor is 11 years old and studies at Elm Grove Primary in Year 6. He was selected in #SponsorMyChild by MagiKats and is now taking extra tutor classes in English for free in order to prepare for his SATS in May.


MagiKats offers out of school Maths and English tuition suitable for all children from early years to GCSE (ages 4 to 16). Children who want help with their school work want that help NOW. They want topics being covered at school to be more accessible immediately, yet at the same time are likely to have gaps in core skills that need to be filled. This is why we work on two strands simultaneously - to give an immediate boost underpinned by steady consolidation.







Mum Sarah said:
“Conor still goes to his Magikats sessions every week, straight after school on Wednesdays, focussing now on Maths. He always comes out of the session with a big smile on his face, saying that he's had fun but also learned. The classes help to reinforce the 'basics' and the small group sizegives him an opportunity to ask for more explanation of things he finds tricky, which it isn't always possible to do at school in a large class.
Now that Conor has started secondary school, completing the Magikats homeworks has definitely been a challenge. However, Sarah has adjusted his homework so he now brings home 3 sheets instead of 5, which is more manageable.”


"Conor went to his first session on Wednesday, after having a 45-minute assessment at our  house, which really pinpointed the areas he needs to brush up  on. We have decided that he is going to focus just on English. His  feedback from the first class was that it 'went really quickly!' (which is a bonus for a boy who can't wait to get home and play football or Minecraft!!) and seemed to really enjoy it. He said the  teacher, Sarah, was 'really calm' and he was in a small group of  three, so he was able to focus much better than he would do at school. 
"He came away with a folder of five worksheets for homework and when I suggested he complete one of the tasks last night, he was uncharacteristically co-operative! So, I would say it has been a really positive start and we're both looking forward to seeing his confidence grow over the next weeks and months in the run up to SATs in May."
Sarah, mum of Conor.

 "Homework - Conor found his first week of homework just about right. He found some of the plurals work tricky as there are so many rules to remember! At MagiKats we provide 'crib sheets' for any of our harder homework sheets. Conor has now got one for his plurals work. None of the sheets took him longer than 15 minutes, which is great!"
"Classwork - Conor settled in really well and got stuck straight into his SATs revision pack."
Sarah, Conor's teacher


"Our brilliant sponsored child, Conor, has been coming to MagiKats for about two months now. He has got to grips with the homework perfectly and is excelling with his SATs revision in class. Conor’s upbeat, positive attitude makes him a joy to teach.
"Conor also approaches his homework with confidence and consistency. Working through punctuation, spelling and grammar sheets extremely well, Conor has also just completed his first piece of longer writing at home too - a two page science fiction story that we edited and improved together in class.
"We’ve only just started with his programme, but if Conor keeps this fantastic effort and positivity up – then the sky’s the limit."
Sarah, Conor's tutor.


"Time goes so quickly in class and then I realise how much I actually got done and it’s pretty good! I remember things I’ve done at MagiKats when I’m at school – which is so good for me”

“I was a bit worried about homework at first, but it’s actually quite quick to do. Sometimes it takes a bit longer - like when I had to write my story, but other sheets are quicker, I know that means I’m learning how to do it."

Conor, October 2014