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Kimbalu Music Classes in Hove,

  1. Kimbalu is a music group for young children and their carers. The classes provide a fun, lively and relaxed environment in which there are opportunities for children and carers to both make new friends and enjoy quality time together. Held every week during term time, the session includes a half hour music class followed by toys and refreshments. During each class, songs both old & new are used to develop musical ability as well as language, speech & listening skills. The fast moving programme with a range of activities keeps the children focused and involved. There is time for sitting on laps,for moving and dancing about, for playing with instruments and for having fun with parachute, hoops, bubbles and scarves.

    Having fun is of the utmost importance, and the emphasis placed on the session being a quality time of interaction and play with your child makes it a special time for you both; and a time for learning songs and activities you can share together at home. Kimba the friendly monkey comes along to every class and is loved by all the children!

    Areas covered

    We are at present running classes in Hove, Shoreham and Southwick - we are hoping to resume Brighton classes at some point.

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    • Hove, Church of Christ the King, Clarendon Villas, Hove, BN3 3RE
    • Southwick, Southwick Christian Community Church, 1 - 5 Roman Crescent, Southwick, BN42 2NA
    • Shoreham by Sea The Shoreham Centre 2 Pond Road Shoreham by Sea BN43 5WU


    Baby and Pre-school activities, Baby, toddler and pre-school classes, Baby, toddler and pre-school Music/singing, Pre-school

    Pricing & Other Information

    Hove - £5 per wk. First drop-in half price. Free class & free hot drink from The Villas Cafe after 4 paid classes (with our loyalty card)
    Shoreham & Southwick - £5 per wk. Fees payable in a half term block (usually 6 wks) Shoreham 11.15am & Southwick 11am are now 'Drop-in'. First class half price!
    Make up missed sessions at any venue. No charge for extra siblings in same family

  2. Kimbalu Music Classes has 106 reviews with an average of 4.9
    • Quality of Service 4.9
    • Value for Money 4.9
    • What the Kids Think 4.9
    • What the Adults Think 4.9


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    • Claire, Mum of 2 Boys aged 4 & 3 years, Southwick

      We've been going to Kimbalu Music classes since Fraser was three months old and we love it. It's a lovely, social time for the Mums - I often go at 9.30 and end up staying until about 1.00 - there are toys out and tea and coffee is available. My boys think it's great - so much so that Lorrie did a "Kimba" birthday party for my son which was fabulous. She themed the party to my sons interests (trains), and used songs and props on this theme. I like the classes as they include a variety of activities - some sitting down and singing, different action songs and also getting up and moving around. The classes usually finish with something physical like bubbles or hoops. They've recently introduced pictures as well eg: transport or flowers, big picture cards, and then we sing a relevant song. The classes are regularly updated and this keeps the children engaged. It's also great value as you pay as a family.

      Claire 14 Feb 2013

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    • Tasha, Mum of 6 and 4 year old

      We go to Lorrie's class in Southwick and have been going since just before my four year old was born. Lorrie is wonderful - she has a way with the children, so that she is able to keep them under control but also allow them freedom. I love the fact that its not only a music class, but there are also other activities such as hoops and bubbles. Lorrie is great at adapting the class according to the age of the children in it, and the needs of those children. This has been one of the biggest bonuses for me as we attended as a family and the classes weren't age dependent, which meant they went together. The classes are set up so that you can have refreshments and a play before, and stay for a play afterwards as well. There is also a good mix of songs, with new songs regularly introduced. My oldest daughter still sends a Christmas card to Kimba the Monkey so that shows how much she enjoyed it!

      Tasha 22 Jan 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Michele,Mum to Poppy (16 months)

      We've been going to Lorrie's classes since Poppy was about 8 months old and they're great fun. Lorrie is very enthusiastic and still manages to control the group. I like that the sessions are very varied using songs, instruments, hoops, scarves and even a bubble machine! Lorrie manages to involve the adults without being patronising. Poppy seems to love it and gets up and dances a lot.

      Michele 14 Jan 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Sara in Brighton

      My son and i love Kimbalu music classes. It's a lovely atmosphere here. The people running it and the mothers are all friendly and super nice. The venue is great too, big and safe for the kids to run around, while you sit back and have your coffee. Brilliant for a tired mother!!

      Sara 01 Sep 2015

    • Wendy in Brighton

      Excellent value. Children love it and plenty of room to express themselves.

      Wendy 30 Aug 2015


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    Kimbalu Music Classes has 106 reviews with an average of 4.9
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  3. Latest from Kimbalu Music Classes

    • If you've ever been to Kimbalu and love it, why not vote for us in the 'Best Pre-School Music Activity' category?! We'd really appreciate your vote :-)

      11 September 2015

    • We've had so much fun on our farm visits! A big thankyou to Ben & Karlene for inviting us along:-) Summer holiday classes on Thursdays in Hove & Fridays in Shoreham 13th - 28th August. Email for details. Have a great summer!!!

      16 July 2015

    • Such fun at the farm a couple of weeks ago - another visit planned for this Wednesday 15th! Summer holiday classes in Hove and Shoreham Thursdays and Fridays 13th-28th August - email for details. Have a lovely summer!!

      13 July 2015

    • We move venue and days for Shoreham classes in September!! Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons at The Shoreham Centre! June and July classes at Lorrie's house in Shoreham - there are a couple of spaces left - email for details :-)

      08 June 2015

    • Now 11am class in Southwick & 11.15am class in Shoreham are 'drop-in'! £5 per family (£2.50 first time) All Hove classes are still 'drop-in'

      27 February 2015

    • No classes in Southwick and Shoreham during Half Term week beg 23rd Feb BUT Hove classes running on Thurs19th Feb but NOT 26th Feb!!

      10 February 2015

    • Our 2nd Kimbalu CD is now available to purchase in classes or from our website - lots of great feedback already! Special offer for CD1 & CD2 purchased together - over 80 great songs, rhymes and instrumental music to keep your little ones happy!!

      27 January 2015

    • The 2nd Kimbalu CD is almost here!!! Pre-order for Christmas on our website/in classes. Special offer for CD1 & CD2 bought together! Indoor Street Party at Hove venue Sat 29th Nov-12-5pm - bouncy castle, Kimbalu sing-along, father Christmas -all free

      25 November 2014

    • Summer 'Drop-in' classes £5 per family. Hove - Thursdays 7th, 14th, 28th Aug, 4th Sept. Southwick - Friday 22nd Aug. Orchestra in the Park + Kimbalu sessions Sunday 20th July - see our website for details - it's free!

      19 July 2014

    • Free Kimbalu sessions at Beach Dreams Festival, Shoreham! Sat 21st June - 11am & 3.30pm. Sun 22nd June - 3.30 pm. Loads of fun stuff for all the family - why not come and join the fun?!! New loyalty cards for our Hove venue - see previous post

      08 June 2014


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  4. Kimbalu Music Classes Timetable

    Contact provider
    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Thu
    • Fri
    • Sat
    • Sun
    • FROM SEPTEMBER Classes at 9.30, 10.15 & 11.00am at The Shoreham Centre, Pond Rd, Shoreham
    • FROM SEPTEMBER Afternoon classes(times TBC- probably 3.15 & 4pm with possibility of adding in 2.30 later) at The Shoreham Centre, Pond Rd, Shoreham
    • Church of Christ the King, Clarendon Villas, Hove
      9.30, 10.15 & 11.00am
      Free refreshments and toys available all morning from 9.20am.
      Fresh coffee and snacks can be purchased from The Villas Coffee Tavern. All classes are 'drop -in'.
    • Southwick Christian Community Church

      Free Refreshments and toys available from 9.15am 11am is 'drop-in'

  5. Lorrie Bell

    I started my teaching career heading up the music in a Middle School and then went on to have four children,picking up the teaching again on a part time basis after a few years. Alongside this I began to teach pre-school music classes to children and their parents which I enjoyed so much that gradually I did more of this and less of the school teaching! I've always enjoyed singing and over the years performed in various concerts & recitals. Singing with kids is obviously very different...but so much fun! I've been running classes for over 20 years now, originally calling them 'Tots & Tunes' and, since 2000, giving them the name 'Kimbalu' using a monkey puppet called Kimba. As a busy mum I have kept classes to a manageable number and usually have between 100 & 120 families per week coming along to classes. Many families stay for quite a few years, starting when their first baby is a few months old and staying until their last one goes to school! Much as their kids love the music,I can't help but think that meeting up weekly with friends is a big incentive for mums! I love that we can give kids a wonderful musical start in life and at the same time give parents, grandparents and carers a place to come and make friends and spend a bit of quality time with their children.Having four kids of my own, I decided early on to charge per family unit and to create a class where families can come together to make music -you don't need to keep moving classes for each child! I work hard to make the classes relevant for the different ages in each class. Only one daughter left at home now...and time to expand a little I feel - looking forward to starting the move to others running Kimbalu classes in the not too distant future !!

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