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Lucky Sponsored Kids: Flossie & Swim School | KalliKids

Flossie swims with WetWetWet Swim School

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Flossie is 3 years old and goes to Tower Tots pre-school at The Tower Convent school in West Sussex. She is swimming for free with the WetWetWet Swim School for one year thanks to Sponsor My Child KalliKids' program.

WetWetWet Swim School are Brighton & Hove based, providing expert tuition for children of all abilities. The lessons are progressive, encouraging safe and fun.

Flossie is doing amazingly well during her swimming lessons, and absolutely loving them! Her confidence in the water has increased tenfold, but so has her swimming ability. She has always loved being in the water but now that she is able to move around it the water herself her love of swimming has soared to a new level!

She has enjoyed being with the other children in the lesson and also the feel-good feeling that she gets when she is able to do something new or has moved on to the next stage.

Our most successful moment so far was last week when Flossie swam part way underwater across the pool totally unaided. It was incredible to see how cool, calm and collected she was, and great to know that she has really got the hang of taking a big breath of air and holding it underwater!

Flossies health has recently improved dramatically, also. Hermedication has been reduced by half! She is healthier at present than she has ever been!

Thank you once again for this amazing opportunity. I truly feel that this has been beneficial on so many different levels for Flossie, from swimming ability to health.

Flossie's mum Sarah, Nov 2014

"Flossie had her first swimming lesson today. She has spoken about it a lot over the past few weeks with much excitement but when we arrived at the pool she started to get a little nervous. When it was time to get into the pool she cried and didn't want to get into the pool. Matt, her instructor, advised us to sit on the side and join in when Flossie felt comfortable. This only took a few minutes and soon floss was joining in with lots of splashing and giggles. The lesson was very relaxed and lots of fun, which I think was perfect, especially for the first session! The children used a variety of floats, woggles and back packs and did a mixture of swimming, jumping in (Flossies favourite) and practicing getting in and out of the pool safely. At one point Matt asked Flossie to swim with him but she got upset and wanted to stay with me. Matt didn't push it at all and quickly moved on to the next activity. Although she got upset a couple of times Flossie really enjoyed her lesson and I was really impressed with Wet Wet Wet swim school.
Sarah Scott – Flossie’s Mum
Flossie absolutely adores her lessons. She is gaining more and more confidence every week. Matt keeps the lessons interesting and exciting by introducing a number of new activities every week alongside some regulars that Flossie knows and looks forward to (she sings the songs to go with the activities throughout the week!). Last week Flossie swam two lengths of the pool using only a noodle, half a length using a back pack and a couple of metres completely unaided, which was all totally amazing!
Sarah, Flossie's Mum June 14
Floss is really enjoying the lessons. She is much more comfortable with Matt now and every week before we get into the pool says 'I like Matt, Matt is my friend', which is great as the first week she was very unsure of him. Matt has gained a little more trust every week with a very gentle approach. Floss loves the games that are played in the pool every week and has taught her elder sister the songs that accompany the games! I have seen a noticeable improvement in Flossie’s ability and confidence. Last week floss even swam half a pool length on her own with only the aid of a back pack (although she didn't realise that no- one was holding her!!). We are so pleased with her lessons and how well she is doing.
Flossie’s Mum Sarah

"Flossie's confident in water has really improved. Her standard of swimming has improved as well. She can swim with her arm bands on from one side of the pool to the other and happily ducks under the water or jumps in and fully immerses herself.
"As far as helping with her illness goes mentally it really helps her as it is something that she loves so much it takes the focus off the horrid things that she has to go through such as constant injections/blood tests/medication and really gives her something to look forward to every week. She also gets a little upset around men which I think is because she associates men with hospitals as all of her doctors and consultants are men, however, she now loves her male teacher,  really looks forward to seeing him and interacts really well with him!"
September 2014