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About KalliKids

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Kalli means beautiful in Greek

As parents the KalliKids team understand how amazing it is to see your children learn and develop, how beautiful the process is and how beautiful they are (at least most of the time!).

The KalliKids team believes that children learn and develop in many ways – not just through academic subjects and the school curriculum, but also through play, fun, sport, music, visiting new places and learning new things with new people. Unfortunately, through our own experience, we know just how hard it is to find quality family activities for children and parents.

That is why we created KalliKids: THE place that parents look to find recommended trusted and approved family activities.

Our aim is to...
  • get children engaging in a range of enjoyable activities to help them develop core life skills
  • provide reassurance to parents by only accrediting trusted and approved activity providers
  • help support local providers and small businesses within your local community

KalliKids’ founder: Karen

Karens two children take part in lots of activities and love to experience new sports, musical instruments and skills. Through trying new activities they have each naturally selected the ones they love the most: singing & song writing and tennis. Karen is proud to see how her two children are growing up with the confidence gained from these experiences.

By spreading the word to parents about quality activity providers and supporting those providers’ classes, clubs or businesses, Karen hopes that every child can learn beginner skills in lots of activities and go on to develop further in their favourites, whether an instrument, sport, dance, singing, toddler play, pottery, academic subjects or languages.

The KalliKids team

The professional and friendly KalliKids team is based in the Brighton head office and is complemented by parents working from home between school runs.

All the team are parents themselves or have preferred hobbies and activities that they enjoy outside work.

Picture of KalliKids Pink child bod (small 2)

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Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.

Charles R. Swindon


Baby reading a book 


Helping kids learn and develop is at the centre of what we do here at KalliKids.  Why not check out the family resource pages where you will find our learning articles and expert pin boards to help you find activities that best benefit your child.