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Dandelion Theatre Arts in Ashtead

  1. Tell a good story and most children are soon enthralled. Our Epsom drama and dance classes are all about helping kids bring those stories to life. Most kids are drawn to some aspect of the performing arts. While there isn’t always the time or space at school to fully develop their creativity, we aim to give them that chance.

    Our Epsom classes help children fulfil their potential in dance and drama  and workshops do this by offering:

    • drama, dance and singing classes for kids aged 4-18
    • taught by professionally-trained and passionately-motivated performers
    • action-packed classes, infused with games and exercises
    • two-week FREE trial period while your child decides whether to attend
    • children's holiday drama workshops and street dancing
    • we cover Epsom, Leatherhead, Tadworth, Kingswood, Walton-on-the-Hiil and the surrounding Surrey area.

    We strive to help them learn, while enjoying every minute of their time with us. Give your child the chance to discover creative abilities they never knew they had

    • 23rd-28th November sees our "open week". All children are invited to join as many classes as they wish at NO COST, experiencing the whole host of dance styles we have on offer with as many friends as they wish! Booking essential.

      02 November 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    We hold classes in Epsom, Langley Vale and Ashtead.

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    • Ashtead Ashtead Cricket Club Pavilion Woodfield Lane Ashtead KT21 2BJ
    • Epsom Langley Vale Village Hall Epsom KT18 6AF
    • Epsom Epsom Playhouse Ashley Avenue Epsom KT18 5AL


    Acting Classes, Contemporary Dance, Drama classes, Hip Hop Dancing classes, Jazz dancing classes, Music/singing Party, Musical Theatre, Pop Dancing classes, Singing lessons, Street Dance classes, Tap dancing classes, Theatre and drama classes, Theatre singing classes

    Pricing & Other Information

    The first two weeks are done on a free trial basis; you only pay for them if you sign up for the term. There is a £15 administration fee on joining. We offer a 10 per cent discount for multiple classes and siblings. Payment by instalments is available by prior arrangement. Prices are per 12-week term with no additional charge for any extra rehearsals.

  2. Dandelion Theatre Arts has 15 reviews with an average of 5.0
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Kerry, Mum of Abbie (10) in Epsom

      Abbie has always been involved in Drama groups but started at Dandelion when it first opened three years ago now and she just loves the end of term performances, she recently finished The Wizard of Oz and Bugsy Malone and is now preparing for the Christmas panto. The teachers there are fantastic, I can’t speak highly enough about them - they really encourage the children to come out of their shells, they’re brilliant role models and so friendly and vibrant. The atmosphere down there is fantastic and the kids love it.
      One of the stand out things about Dandelion are their walking buses, so they take Abbie straight from School to the theatre, they’re always willing to go that extra step.

      Kerry-Anne 21 Nov 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Marie, Mum of 2 boys (11 and 9 Years), Langley Vale

      My boys have been going to Dandelion Theatre Arts for almost 2 1/2 years now. Jennai is fantastic, she has her eye on the ball at all times, communicates quickly and efficiently with parents, has created a homely environment and has a brilliant entourage of staff to support her. She has been so accommodating and is always open to suggestions. My son was feeling that he'd outgrown the group he was in, and she was completely open to letting him try the older group - Jennai never clones or pigeon holes the children and they are encouraged to fly high, and get better and better. The boys have met a great group of friends from outside school, and so have I when chaperoning. It would be great if the older groups (11-14 years) is developed even further, with more classes, and I think this will happen over time.

      Marie 07 Nov 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Lynn, Mum of Cerys (9) in Epsom

      My daughter Cerys loves Jennai’s classes so much so she goes three times a week. The children take part in a variety of different singing, dancing and acting but Cerys’s favourite is Dance and drama improvisation where they can be imaginative and make up a scene. The atmosphere of the whole place is fantastic and Cerys’s has even taken part in productions like Bugsy and Jack and the Beanstalk which shows just how confident and comfortable she is at Dandelion.
      Jennai herself is very encouraging, passionate and friendly, all the kids get along with her and enjoy her classes, would highly recommend.

      Lynn 01 Nov 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Tara, Mum of Dylan (6) in Banstead

      Dylan has been attending Dandelion for 2 years and absolutely adores it! He loves the excitement of the show at the end of term, and these have been getting bigger and better! The team of teachers are fantastic and Dylan can't wait to get to his class on a Saturday. It's particularly nice that Dandelion appeals to both boys and girls.

      Tara 28 Jan 2014

    • Jacqui, mum of Thomas

      My son does the thursday drama class at Epsom playhouse. He is pleased to find a drama class with a good number of older boys. He is impressed with the quality of teaching and always enjoys the class. I have only seen 2 shows so far but have been very impressed with them. Can definitely recommend.

      Jacqui 25 Jan 2014


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    Dandelion Theatre Arts has 15 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  3. Latest from Dandelion Theatre Arts

    • 23rd-28th November sees our "open week". All children are invited to join as many classes as they wish at NO COST, experiencing the whole host of dance styles we have on offer with as many friends as they wish! Booking essential.

      02 November 2015

    • "Hocus Pocus" Halloween 3 Day Workshop during October Half Term. Weds 28th to Fri 30th October. 930am to 3pm. £90 per child, limited spaces.

      13 October 2015

    • We have been voted as a nominee in the KalliKids Best Theatre Class award 2015!

      02 October 2015

    • What a busy, busy summer! All workshops were wonderful, and well attended. We now look forward to the start of our autumn term, with the addition of a pre-school class, and one for 15-18 year olds. See you all the week beginning September 15th!

      04 September 2014

    • We are very excited about the start of our summer workshops next week. Frozen, Wicked and West Side Story. Almost all places gone now so it is going to a bumper and fun-filled few weeks!

      25 July 2014

    • What a fabulous end of term show! It was a long held ambition of ours to do Oliver! and we did it! Now we look forward to four weeks of drama and dance workshops. That will keep us busy until the September term begins ... xx

      20 July 2014

    • Loving our two May half term workshops - Toy Story dance medley and a number from Gatsby the movie. We are all looking forward to showing the fruits of three days work to family and friends tomorrow in full costume and make-up!

      29 May 2014

    • Bookings now being taken for our May half term dance-based workshops! Both dances will be show-cased at local outdoor events in June. Get in touch or see our website for more details.

      09 May 2014

    • From a parent today: My daughter loved having lines in the last show and was buzzing afterwards. Drama has done wonders for her confidence. It was not that long ago she had to be dragged sobbing from the stage. Now look at her!

      09 May 2014

    • Well, it has been a while. We had a fab Pinocchio workshop, and are about to hold auditions for our next bit end of term show, Oliver! In the meantime, planning May half term dance workshops and 3 summer dance and drama workshops. Very busy! All good

      07 May 2014


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  4. Dandelion Theatre Arts Timetable

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    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Thu
    • Fri
    • Sat
    • Sun
    • Langley Vale Village Hall, Epsom
      4.00-5.00pm: Drama (7-11 years)
      5.00-6.00pm: Streetdance (7-11 years)
      6.00-7.00pm: Streetdance (11 years plus)
    • Parsons Mead Pavillion, Ashtead
      4.00-5.15pm Drama, Dance & Singing (4-7 years)

      Ashtead Cricket Club
      4.00-5.00pm: Drama (7-11 years)
      5.00-6.00pm: Theatrecraft & Tap (7-11 years)
    • Langley Vale Village Hall, Epsom
      5.00pm-6.00pm - Simply Singing (8years plus)
      The Vale Primary School
      6.00-8.00pm: drama, jazz and tap dance (11-14 years)
      Parsons Mead Pavillion, Ashtead
      6.30-8.00pm: Drama (14-18 years)
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
      4.00-5.15pm: Drama, Theatrecraft & Tap (4-7 years)

      Langley Vale
      4.00-5.30pm: All girls drama, song & contemporary dance class (7-11 years)
    • Langley Vale Village Hall
      9.30-11.00am: Drama, singing & dance (4-7 years)
      11.00-12.00: Drama (7-11years)
      12.00-1.00pm: Drama, Theatrecraft & Tap (7-11 years)

      Epsom Playhouse
      9.30-11.00am: Drama, Theatrecraft & Tap (4-7 years)
      11.00-12.00pm: Drama (7-11 years)
      12.00-1.00pm: Streetdance (7-11 years)
  5. Jennai Cox

    From as far back as my memory will take me, I can remember being involved in theatre. Right through school, university, and once I started working, I have either acted in, directed, written or produced plays. Up until 2006 I worked as a freelance writer before dipping my toe in the teaching pool by starting a drama club in a junior school in Kent. In partnership with my sister I then helped to run the dance and drama school, The Blue Academy of Performing Arts, from 2008 until the summer of 2011, when I decided to start Dandelion. Having a passion is wonderful only if it can be shared, which is what I hope to do with all of those involved, from instructors to parents to students. The true beauty of putting on any sort of performance, I believe, is that there is a role for everyone, whatever their ability; theatre truly is an all-embracing artistic activity.


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