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the little swim school in Brighton

  1. Our teaching programme is unique to us here at The Little Swim School. We combine the ASA recognized teaching methods with building water confidence and development or introduction of water safety techniques. Most children join The Little Swim School at about 1, after finishing Little Dippers or a similar infant water safety programme. They start in our Introduction swimming class and often stay until they go to school, moving through our levels. Each of our 5 little swim school stages corresponds to an ASA Duckling Award level.

    Children who are a different age or level of experence are assessed at a tester swimming lesson to find the most suitable class for them.

    The children are assessed by the teachers towards the end of every term. Once they have achieved the requirements for their stage they will be awarded the ASA Duckling Award badge and certificate and moved to the next level. In between stages we also award distance badges.

    Areas covered

    We currently offer swimming lessons in warm, private pools in Brighton and Hove, Sussex.

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    • Brighton Private Pools Brighton BN1
    • Lewes Private Pools Lewes BN7


    Baby, toddler and pre-school Swimming classes, Swimming lessons
  2. the little swim school has 19 reviews with an average of 4.8
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.5
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 4.9


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    • Ellie, Mum of 5 year old Twins & 3 year old, Brighton

      All my children have been to the Little Swim School - the twins were four months old when they started. Not only was it a fantastic time spent with your child, but it made me feel more confident about them being around water. They also learnt to understand the dangers of water which is an essential skill. The class sizes are small so we always get lots of individual attention. The teachers are so patient as some of the parents are understandably nervous when their babies go under the water, and they always move things along at the individual parents and babies pace. Although it is more expensive than some activities, I wouldn't trade it for anything, and it has been nothing but a positive experience for my family.

      Ellie 27 Feb 2013

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    • Annabel, Mum of 2 (11 and 3 years), Portslade

      Before Nell started at The Little Swim School I was slightly sceptical about how they would manage to keep a one year old amused and happy whilst also teaching her new skills but I have been amazed - the teaching is fantastic, every lesson is different with a variety of activities and a huge emphasis on water safety. The teachers feedback on Nell's progress on an ongoing basis as well as at the end of term. There are cheaper swim schools available but I wouldn't switch as Nell and I are so happy there. It would make it perfect if they had their own private pool.

      Annabel 11 Feb 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Ros, Mum of two Little swim school pupils.

      I am currently in my last term at little swim school with my youngest. I have had a wonderful experience with both of my children. They both started swimming at Little dippers, this was a perfect transition. Lessons are in small pools and yes you feel feel a bit strange getting changed in someones dining room or games room on your first lesson, but believe me you soon forget about that when you compare this to bigger, colder and noisier pools. The cost is high, but when you see how confident and competent your 4 year olds when they leave to go on to after school swimming. You soon think it's worth it. worth adding they do catch up lessons (if you notify in advance and there's space) and very helpful when you have another child. Top tip: Get Susie as your instructor! she is truly amazing !!

      Ros 26 Jun 2015

    • Kirsty, mum to Isla (4), Brighton

      Great continuation from Little Dippers, good teacher to child ratios and good selection of pool choices. Warm water lovely for children but a challenge when finding pools outside of lessons they can tolerate without going blue after 20mins! My child's confidence has grown immeasurably following the Little Swim School program. Highly recommend.

      Kirsty 23 Jun 2015

    • Grandma of Callum (4)

      Callum and I have loved our weekly lessons and he has become very confident in the water. I regret that I am not able to swim underwater myself so it is a joy to see him dive in and be comfortable under the water. He is now safety aware and can swim to the edge from the middle of the pool. I am the only Grandmother in our little class but I would urge others to enjoy all that sharing these lessons can bring, not least it is good exercise for me too.

      Linda 17 Jun 2015


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    the little swim school has 19 reviews with an average of 4.8
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  4. Chloe Carr

    Nicola Moses

    • Qualifications (4)
      • Level 2 Certicate for Teaching Swimming
      • Level 1 Certificate for Coaching Diving
      • Emergency First Aid at Work
      • Baby & Pre-School Aquatic Teaching
    • Annual memberships (1)
      • Associated Membership of the Swimming Teachers Association

    Sarah Wood

    • Qualifications (3)
      • Pool Safety Award
      • ASA Teacher (Swimming) Certificate
      • ASA Adult & Child Water Activities

    The Little Swim School Team

    We specialise in teaching pre-school children. Some would say we are mad, but we love it! All of our teachers have small children and thus have a great empathy and understanding of the many phases children can go through between the ages of 1 and 5. This we feel is crucial to helping and understanding your child's development in the water.

    Our swimming instructors are fully qualified ASA Teachers, hold the Rescue Certificate and are first aid trained. All the little swim school swimming intructors are members of the Institute of Swimming and are police checked.

    As our teaching programme is unique to the little swim school, our teachers additionally spend between 3 and 6 months training with us before they take their own classes.

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  • 0-12 months
  • 12-24 months
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  • Level 1 Certificate for Coaching Diving
  • Associated Membership of the Swimming Teachers Association
  • ASA Teacher (Swimming) Certificate
  • Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Swimming
  • Baby & Pre-School Aquatic Teaching
  • Level 2 Certicate for Teaching Swimming
  • ASA Adult & Child Water Activities
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