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Lucky Sponsored Kids: Zara & Swim School | KalliKids

Zara swims with Little Swim School

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Zara is pre-school and learns to swim with Little Swim School for one year for free thanks to the Sponsor my Child KalliKids' program. 

Most children join The Little Swim School at about 1, after finishing Little Dippers or a similar infant water safety programme. They start in our Introduction class and often stay until they go to school, moving through our levels. Each of our 5 little swim school stages corresponds to an ASA Duckling Award level.



Zara has absolutely loved her first few lessons! After just 4 lessons she felt very confident going under the water and swimming. She can now jump into the water and is not afraid of it anymore. It certainly has been an amazing experience and I can't wait for more lessons and hopefully and underwater shoot when she's ready :) 
Thanks for this amazing opportunity!


Petra, Zara's mum