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Lucky Sponsored Kids: Robin & Swim School | KalliKids

Robyn swims with WetWetWet Swim School

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Robyn is 4 and currently goes to Buttercups Pre-School in Worthing and starts Primary school in September this year. She is learning swimming for free with the WetWetWet Swim School for one year thanks to Sponsor My Child KalliKids' program.

WetWetWet Swim School are Brighton & Hove based, providing expert tuition for children of all abilities. The lessons are progressive, encouraging safe and fun.



"We would just like to say thank you so much for giving Robyn this wonderful opportunity, it really is appreciated, we are all very excited!"
Kelly & Carl, Robyn's parents


More blog from Kelly and Carl here!

"All we can say about today’s lesson is “Wow”.
"We think that today was a watershed in Robyn’s swimming development. It seems that it has stemmed from our holiday in Menorca a couple of weeks ago. We spent every day either in the pool or in the sea. A shark fin buoyancy aid was purchased for the holiday and her confidence in the water was incredible. In fact we could not keep her out of the water.
"Last week, and especially today Robyn has been very keen to keep her head under water, a practice that she was not at all keen on previously.
"The Lady who was standing in for Matt was a great instructor who was very engaging with the Children. The focus today was on using the float with one hand and concentrating on the front crawl arm motion with the other arm. All Children seemed to really enjoy this and Robyn seemed to really like this method.
"The final section of the lesson involved all children jumping into the slightly deeper area of the pool (without buoyancy aids) and swimming to Laura. Robyn jumped in quicker than anyone expected and actually used a few arm strokes and lots of kicking to get to Laura. We were very proud and ‘a little tearful’ watching this!
"Robyn was delighted to be awarded her asa Stage 1 award certificate and badge, a real achievement and a massive boost to her confidence.
"As always, the lessons have been fun, varied and positive. The children are all eager to learn more and all seem to really enjoy being in the pool with the instructors.
"Robyn can’t wait for the lessons to begin again in September, she has shown so much more interest in swimming then she has ever done before, and it is fair to say that her main topic of conversation is telling friends and family that she can swim ‘with my head under the water’ and ‘I can jump in at the deep end’!" Mum Kelly.
Week 11 – 6th July 2014