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Flamenco Dance Academy in Hove

  1. Flamenco is a great way for kids to exercise. It is fun and relaxed. They will develop several important skills for their growth, such as motor skills, coordination, mental sharpness, physical strength, emotional and personal development. Boys and girls will discover another way of feeling and moving the body through flamenco and identify how to dance with their core energy: feminine for the girl and masculine for the boys as flamenco is all about femininity and masculinity. The dance is also another way of socialising with other children of their age group.

    Children who have flamenco as part of their education will acquire a vast knowledge of the Spanish culture and will expand their horizons beyond their own culture.

    Why is flamenco dance good for kids?

    • Encourages teamwork and camaraderie
    • Self esteem rises and shyness diminishes
    • It helps them acquire discipline and a sense of responsibility
    • Develops creativity, imagination and concentration
    • Enhances memory and expression
    • Develops a sense of musicality, rhythm and musical ear
    • Increases the development of the musculature and helps maintain optimal body condition
    • Stronger body, balance, flexibility and stronger state of mind
    • Improves motor skills

    Children’s Classes

    In our classes boys and girls will develop discipline and structure and will acquire the correct body posture from an early age and improve their motor skills and coordination. They will learn how to play the castanets. Castanets are a percussion instrument itself worthy of study. Kids will make the most of their musical potential and as part of the Spanish cultural heritage par excellence; castanets are an essential part of flamenco music and dance.

    • Flamenco Dance Time For children from 4 years old Bring your child for one free taster class between 14th Nov & 19th Dec 2015 & received 5% discount for next term. Wednesday 4:30pm or Saturday 10:30am

      07 November 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    Classes based in Brighton and Hove

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    • Hove Upper Hall St. Barnabas Hall, Sackville Road Hove BN3 3WF


    Ballet dancing classes, Ballroom dancing classes, Breakdance Classes, Cheerleading training, Contemporary Dance, Creative dance, Creative Dance, Flamenco dance classes, Hip Hop Dancing classes, Jazz dancing classes, Latin dance, Modern dancing classes, Pop Dancing classes, Rock and roll dance, Salsa dancing classes, Scottish Dancing classes, Spanish Dancing classes, Street Dance classes, Tap dancing classes

    Pricing & Other Information

    Children can start to learn flamenco at any age, for that reason we do not have a set age required to come to our classes, as it is all to do with the kid engaging with the dance.

  2. Flamenco Dance Academy has 36 reviews with an average of 4.9
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.8
    • What the Kids Think 4.9
    • What the Adults Think 4.9


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    • Sandra, Mum of Lily-May (5)

      Lily-May attended flamenco classes with Alvaro and really enjoyed them. Parents were encouraged not to stay for the classes due to children being distracted during the lessons but when i came to collect Lily-May she was always happy, smiling and appeared to be having fun. Alvaro and Vicky were always in attendance. I found Alvaro very approachable and engaging, he adapted the lessons well to the children's level. Lily-May was shown how to do simple steps using hula hoops and moving her hands in time to the music. This class is perfect for an introduction to flamenco dancing.

      Sandra 07 Feb 2013

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    • Anita, Brighton

      I've been learning flamenco with Alvaro for approximately one year and found him to be a brilliant teacher. He has a wide breadth of experience and is generous, kind and thorough with his teaching. I found him to be a charming person who has a great way of connecting with people. His passion for the art of flamenco translates into his passion for teaching. I have also taught children and could see that Alvaro will be able to translate his teaching style brilliantly and I'm sure they will enjoy the classes.

      Anita 31 Jan 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Raquel

      I started Flamenco classes with Alvaro around a year ago and really enjoy them. I have danced my whole life (including Tap and Irish dancing) and so have been with many different teachers. Alvaro is a very good teacher because he is detailed, perfectionist, very personal, understanding and focused. I like classes that are well taught and are enjoyable and this is what I get with Alvaro. I am an adult but attended one of the first children’s classes with my friend’s little daughter. She really enjoyed it too and I think Alvaro’s skills transfer to children without any problems. I really enjoy these classes.

      Raquel 29 Jan 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Sarah in Hove

      They truely are an excellent team. Very upbeat, oozing enthusiasm and the children are always happily exhusted. A perfect combination of hardwork, discipline, listening, fun and happiness.

      Sarah 06 Jul 2015

    • Irina

      My daughter loves this class

      Irina 23 Jun 2015


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    Flamenco Dance Academy has 36 reviews with an average of 4.9
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  3. Latest from Flamenco Dance Academy

    • Flamenco Dance Time For children from 4 years old Bring your child for one free taster class between 14th Nov & 19th Dec 2015 & received 5% discount for next term. Wednesday 4:30pm or Saturday 10:30am

      07 November 2015

    • We have been voted as a nominee in the KalliKids Best School-Age Dance Class award 2015!

      01 October 2015

    • Next 5th July 2015 children will be performing at 12:30pm at Paddle by the pier festival

      13 June 2015


      22 April 2015

    • Wednesday 25th March FREE FLAMENCO TASTER CLASS at Bird studios 4:40pm for children from 4 years old

      19 March 2015

  4. Flamenco Dance Academy Timetable

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    Please note: Flamenco classes are fun, relaxed and informal, often accompanied by a flamenco guitarist, also a great way to get in shape and have fun. You do not need to be a trained dancer, nor do you have to be young and streamlined - no matter your age or shape, our flamenco dance classes have something for you. Tuitions are suitable for all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced, women, men & children.
    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Thu
    • Fri
    • Sat
    • Sun
    • No classes
    • No classes
    • Flamenco for children
      4:30pm to 5:30pm

      Bird Studios
      Vantage Point, New England Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4GW
    • Flamenco for children
      3:30pm to 4:30pm

      Biligual Primary School Brighton Aldridge Community Academy
      Lewes Road, Falmer, Brighton
      BN1 9PW (Sat Nav Postcode BN2 4PN)
    • No Classes
    • Flamenco for children

      10:30am to 11:30am

      Upper Hall
      St Barnabas Hall, Sackville Road
      East Sussex
      BN3 3WF
  5. Vicky Rodriguez-Altuna

    Image of Vicky Rodriguez-Altuna

    Vicky is a MA & MBA by profession and a Flamenco aficionado. Passionate and dedicated advance Flamenco dance student. She has worked with children teaching NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the last several years she has been teaching flamenco dance to children with Alvaro.

    • Qualifications (3)
      • First aid for baby and child
      • Certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming
      • Certified Practioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

    Alvaro Guarnido- Muñoz

    Image of Alvaro Guarnido- Muñoz

    Alvaro Guarnido was born in Granada, southern Spain. Dancing was his passion almost from the moment he could walk. He was just three years old when his mother took him along to the dance studio and from that moment on flamenco became his way of life. He was brought up in an environment where music and dance played an important role. His mother used to sing in a flamenco choir of which Alvaro became a part and started to play the castanets, at only five years old.

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  • Certified Practioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • First aid for baby and child
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