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Lucky Sponsored Kids: Nigel & Performing Arts | KalliKids

Nelly learns performing arts at JK Theatre

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Nelly is 6 and attends Birchwood Primary School in Burgess Hill. She was selected to learn acting with JK Theatre Arts.

Whether your child is a natural born performer just waiting to take to the stage or they have expressed an interest in performing (no matter how tentative) we are confident they will thrive in the warm, nurturing, exciting and vibrant team atmosphere that JK Theatre Arts has become renowned for. 



"We were very excited to hear that Nelly was shortlisted for the KalliKids Sponsor My Child Project with JK Theatre Arts.
Before the trial lesson Nelly was a bit anxious and worried that she does not know anyone but when she was introduced to another girl to be her buddy, Nelly relaxed and had so much fun.
It was a joy for me to watch her jumping and dancing around to the Friday Night Fever music. She was singing on the way back home and she can’t wait to start the classes after Easter.  I am looking forward to seeing Nelly improving her confidence and making new friends at the JK Theatre. "
Sylwia, Mum of Nelly



“Nelly was very excited about joining JK last week. At first nervous she was soon put at ease by other children in her group. She helped to create new choreography in dance and started to learn a new song for our term's show. Drama provided a confidence boost when each child was asked to share their favourite holidays moments and Nelly bravely spoke about hers with her family.
We look forward to having Nelly in the JK team and will continue to provide feedback.”
Kim Wright - teacher


"I Like everything, but dancing the most. I am happy when I get a sticker at the end of the lessons. And I am happy that we will be learning "counting Stars" as it's one of my favourites."
Nelly. October 2014