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Lucky Sponsored Kids: Jasmine & Martial Arts | KalliKids

Jasmine learns martial arts with Blackbelt Leaders

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Jasmine is 13 and goes to Davisons high school and she's learning martial arts with Blackbelt Leaders.

Blackbelt Leaders aims to help your child increase their Confidence, Focus, Concentration, Physical Abilities and Self Discipline as well as setting them up to make Good Choices, as all  of these aspects are the keys to performing well in school, sport and life! 




"When I first received the news that I had been short-listed for a Kallikids Sponsorship at Blackbelt Leaders, I was ecstatic. For days as I waited for the news, i was attached to my phone, constantly checking for emails, crossing everything in the hope of being awarded it. When i received the said email, i was full of shock; I'd been chosen for the scholarship!

It was something entirely new to me, which worried me a little, to be honest. I'd always been into dancing and singing, but before i came across Kallikids Martial Arts had never crossed my mind, which is why, when i arrived at Blackbelt Leaders I was not my usual, extremely loud self, my great volume had been replaced by nerves.However, the moment I entered the building I felt fine again; everybody was so friendly and welcoming. I was given my uniform and introduced to some fantastic people, like Master Lowndes and Mrs. Abraham. It did feel a little weird at first, all the martial arts customs that I knew would take me a while to get used to, but soon enough everything started to make sense.

My first class was absolutely brilliant; everyone was so positive and you can really feel a sense of belonging and teamwork- even when warming up everything is done in synchronisation, which helps you to know that you are surrounded by supportive friends who all want to help each other out.

I can't wait to see how this year plays out. I'm not sure what I'm expecting to find- okay, so maybe I will never earn a Blackbelt, but I'm interested in how far I'll come, not only in my training but in everything else that Blackbelt Leaders teaches, like philosophy of life and teamwork."


"Recently I've been noticing changes about myself; not in the ways that you would expect from what could potentially be seen as exercise classes, like a higher fitness level or better stamina during exercise; sure, those things have become evident, but there seems to be the beginning strokes of a bigger picture forming.

I've noticed a change in the way I approach things; before, I would come home from school, hang around for a while, have a glass of water before eventually changing and heading off to dance, gymnastics or martial arts. In the past two weeks I've noticed a difference, however small. Now I come home from school, immediately change and find myself doing something more productive, like doing my homework early so it's not done late at night after class, or stretching, or practising my kicks. This seems like a small thing to observe, but it got me wondering why.

Suddenly, during class on Thursday it hit me; it wasn't just that if suddenly decided to manage my time better and approach my tasks with more determination and resilience, it was that all the amazing teachers at Blackbelt Leaders had decided it for me. Since I've been at Blackbelt Leaders I've learnt so many things, but my journeys only just begun, and I for one cannot wait to see where this road takes me."

"I know I should really start off this post with a cool quote or a quirky metaphor, but instead I'm going to start it with a thank you.
I just want to say thank you SO MUCH to Blackbelt leaders for what they helped me achieve in my first five classes. As a dancer, I have always struggled very much with my flexibility; I've always been surrounded with people twisting their bodies into strange shapes and doing contortion tricks, and then there'd be me, just about managing to put my head on my knees.

Well, in my first 5 classes of Blackbelt leaders I came down 46cm in my splits and can now execute a right leg split flat on the floor!!! Maybe it's because of the kicks, or the stretching; I don't know, but what I do know is the Master Lowdnes and the other teachers are the reason that I started really trying to achieve my splits; I know it's not a big deal, but to me it's about the fact that I set myself a goal and made myself work hard at it and didn't give up when things didn't work out immediately. 
Blackbelt Leaders has taught me to stick at things because even out you are not the best, as long as you are the best that you can be, then you're doing something right, just the way as Master Lowdnes always says, you may not be a Blackbelt, but if you act like one you're one step closer!

I'm attaching a photo of before and after- thank you so much I absolutely love Blackbelt leaders and admire all of the teachers and my fellow students!!!"



"I've definitely improved since I started and it has definitely helped with my dancing. I can now do two of my splits as opposed to the zero i could do six and a half months ago."
Jasmine, September 2014