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Meet-Me Day tips for activity providers

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The goal of Meet-Me Days is to inspire children to try something new or learn something better meeting quality activity providers who inspire them.

Children learn in many different ways (for example, see learning article on VAK: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic) and therefore as an activity provider you can inspire them to try your activity in many ways.

Ideas of things to bring along

By bringing items along for the children, not just you and some leaflets, you will inspire more children and probably have more fun during the day too!

Here are some ideas:

To touch

Things that children can touch and feel, for example:

  • Cricket ball and bat
  • Silk, felt and material used in your class
  • Different foods to learn fat, protein and carbohydrate
  • Fencing helmet or boxing gloves
  • Tutu and ballet shoes.
To try

Things to give the children a taster of your activity, for example:

  • The musical instrument you teach
  • The doll or toys you use in class
  • The clay or water paints you use in arts
  • Academic challenge sheets: fun Maths problems, French exercises or a short story competition.
To see

Things that show visually your work, for example:

  • Laptop with photos or videos of your club matches, classes or pupils
  • Your photos of families, babies and children
  • Pictures of the cakes you have made for children's parties
  • Books in the language you teach or that you recommend for your subject for example dance books.
To hear

Things for children to listen to, for example:

  • Children from your class singing on a tape or in real life
  • Children speaking the language you teach on a tape or in real life, or even a story tape in that language
  • Physical challenges to solve problems: Lego bricks, cakes to be divided into equal pieces, leaves and pine cones to be described with lots of adjectives.


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