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Profile Hints And Tips For Activity Providers | KalliKids

Profile hints for activity providers

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COMING SOON – We will soon be providing a comprehensive KalliKids good marketing guideline to help you maximize the impact of your accreditation and profile.

Writing your profile

These easy steps will help you write the text for your KalliKids profile and choose photos, downloads and videos by identifying what to communicate:
  • Who are your customers and what do they want?
To help you write this down, think about a person, with a name and a personality. It maybe someone you have met or know well. Once you have this image in mind, it may be easier to define what they are looking for. Think about the main things and values someone using or looking for your profile will be looking for.


  • What are your unique selling points
What are the things that make you stand out from the crowd? Other people may offer children’s entertainment, tuition, beginner’s classes, after school child care or coaching like you do but how do you differ from them?
  • Remember to include your keywords

Key words are the way to match someone looking for a children’s activity and the person offering that children’s activity. They are the words that parents or grand-parents may type into their browser, looking for a family or children’s activity, for example: ballet classes, football coaching, German tuition, child nutrition or child-friendly cafe.

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Want to promote your accreditation? Check out the logo guidelines?

Need a little help? A member of the KalliKids marketing team can always write your profile for you to help you maximize your search results and impact.