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Activity Providers Frequently Asked Questions | KalliKids

Frequently asked questions for activity providers

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If you have a question not answered here, please contact the KalliKids team.

What happens if my feedback isn't perfect?

Why do KalliKids check my changes before they go live?

What kind of things should I include in my KalliKids profile?

What will my KalliKids profile web-address/URL be?

What kind of news can I talk about on the news feed tab?

Can I include downloadable documents on my KalliKids profile?

What details can I change on my KalliKids profile?

How do I change or update my KalliKids profile?

Can I change or update my KalliKids profile?

I have forgotten my password - how do I reset ?

How does KalliKids protect the information held on me?

What does KalliKids accreditation give me?

Children come to me through word of mouth: what are the benefits of KalliKids accreditation for me?

I have enough children: what are the benefits of KalliKids accreditation for me?

How long does my KalliKids accreditation last for?

What documents do I need to scan or post to the KalliKids team?

How does KalliKids best fit in with my budget?

Is the accreditation included in the feature plan price?

I have only just started: what kind of reference contacts can I provide?

Do I need insurance to earn KalliKids accreditation?

Do I need to be DBS / CRB checked?

Do I pay KalliKids a percentage of my earnings or for bookings?

Does KalliKids ever revoke accreditation of an activity provider?

Will KalliKids remind me to renew documents?

How and when do I renew my KalliKids accreditation?

What happens if I do not renew my DBS or CRB, insurance, first aid or other regular renewal requirements?

What happens if my references and documentation were not good enough for accreditation?

How do I pay for KalliKids accreditation and my profile?

How do parents find my KalliKids profile?

How can I best show parents that I am accredited?

How can parents tell I am an accredited activity provider?

Can I use the KalliKids logo on my leaflets, advertising documents and website?

How do Meet-Me Days work for me as an activity provider?

If I choose to post them, how long will any original documents posted take to come back to me?

If I choose to post my documents, why is it best to use recorded delivery?

What if a document is missing or I do not have the original?

What do KalliKids do with my scanned documents?

What about the security of my documents?

If I choose to post my documents, what do KalliKids do with my posted documents?

If I choose to post my documents, will they reach KalliKids if I do not use recorded post and just post in the nearest Post Office box?

What is a DBS /CRB?

What do DBS / CRB checks show?

What is a DBS / CRB check?

What does a DBS check show?

What happens if my DBS or CRB check shows a previous arrest or conviction?

What if I do not have a DBS or CRB check?