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Showcase Your Skills Through Sponsoring | KalliKids

Be promoted through Sponsored Child

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Showcase your skills

Note: the 2014 program is already under way but you can get involved in 2015.

Be promoted for a full year via the KalliKids Sponsored Child program - it is a fabulous way to showcase the skills you can teach children and their families.

Parents will be able to see the learning journey that you bring to children... whether it is their new musical skill, their performing confidence, their mental agility or their physical fitness.

The ultimate goal is for you to grow your class, members, customers or students by proving how great you are. You never know, the child you sponsor could turn out to be hugely talented too and grateful for the chance you gave them.

The program is available for just one more KalliKids accredited provider - for a range of  activities and services and across different towns.

15 providers have already applied to sponsor 19 children so please let us know quickly.


What KalliKids will do for you

  • KalliKids will promote regularly the program to parents and generate applications for you. This will be via the KalliKids website, blog, newsletter, other websites and the media.
  • A special webpage will be dedicated to you and your Sponsored Child and as many updates can be added to that as you wish.
  • You shortlist and meet the candidates and pick the child or family you want to sponsor.
  • KalliKids will promote videos and blogs of you and your Sponsored Child. You can film the videos or we can. You can write the blogs or your Sponsored Child can.


The details

  • You need to let us know that you're interested when we roll out the program for 2015.
  • Parent applications will be gathered by KalliKids.
  • Children will be selected by yourself.
  • You can promote the same videos and blog material on your website or elsewhere.
  • The family of the Sponsored Child does not pay you in anyway - you offer the year for free.
  • You will need to remain KalliKids accredited for the full year.
  • You do not pay KalliKids for the extra promotion - it is a free service.
  • Your service can be for any age group: pregnant Mums, babies, toddlers, primary and senior school children and even the families themselves.


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Want to know more? Want to get started?!

Sponsor a child!

This is a fabulous way to showcase the skills you teach children and their families.


Join the promotion!

Contact the KalliKids Team to find out more and get started

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