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Parents' Voice

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Showcase your skills

Be promoted via a family visit and write-up and show off to local families what you offer!

The program is available for all KalliKids accredited providers - for all activities and services, no matter whether sport, music, babies, health or photography!

Take a look at some of the visits already promoted:


What KalliKids will do for you

  • KalliKids will match a family with your activity or service where the ages fit.
  • The matched family will come to one of your sessions, classes or workshops.
  • The family will write a short article about their experience (200-300 words) which KalliKids will promote via blog, social media and we'll add the write-up to your profile.


The details

  • You can let us know at any time you are interested in a visit and write-up.
  • We'll match children's ages with the age range on your profile unless you tell us differently.
  • You can use the write-up on your own website and on your own marketing materials.
  • The family visiting does not pay you in anyway - you offer the visit for free.
  • You will need to be KalliKids accredited at the time of the visit.
  • You do not pay KalliKids for the extra promotion - it is a free service.
  • Your service can be for any age group: pregnant Mums, babies, toddlers, primary and senior school children and even the families themselves.


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Want to know more? Want to get started?!

Be promoted!

This is a great way for a local family to see what you do and tell others about their experience.


Join the promotion!

Contact the KalliKids Team to find out more and get started

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