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Activity & Service Providers In New Areas | KalliKids

For quality children's activity and service providers in new areas

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KalliKids is the tick of approval, or accreditation, for quality children's activities and services.


KalliKids is expanding and coming to your area. As one of the first providers to earn the tick of approval, you can save money with a big discount AND build your recommendations.

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Five reasons to be one of the first in your area


  1. Prove your quality reputation and leadership
  2. Save money with KalliKids partners
  3. Boost your marketing in 15 minutes
  4. Save money  - claim your discount!
  5. Promote your expertise via blogs and articles


Don't get left out as KalliKids is growing fast!

Parents love the reassurance they get from the KalliKids tick of approval. 

Once accredited you too can shout about your recommendations to parents.

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What some of our providers say


It has been a real joy to be on board with KalliKids for over a year now. They have been so supportive, encouraging, caring and above all friendly at all times. Nothing seems to be too much trouble and they are always there on the end of the phone if you need help with anything to do with your profile, advertising or a KalliKids event. I like the way they are so pro-active with advertising on your behalf and are always seeking out new things to try. It's been great to watch how they've gone from strength to strength since they began - lots of the parents who come to my classes say they now regularly check out the KalliKids website for activities & appreciate being on their mailing list... and I'm hearing KalliKids name mentioned more & more in various settings around the town. Thanks KalliKids team

Baby and toddler class, Kimbalu


I'm delighted to report that whatever you're doing is working really well. I now have as many pupils as I want and am having to turn people away!

Steph, children's tutor in Brighton