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Alex's awesome adventure - parents voice

Alex's awesome adventure - parents voice

This is a guest review from Alex age 7 who recently visited Drusillas Park for KalliKids as part of our new Parents Voice programme.

'Drusillas is WICKED!

There are LOADS of great animals and the most amazing play park ever. We were in there for about 20 hours and I still didn’t want to go home.

I loved the spiders web climbing net. It was quite hard to get to the top but I did it. 3 times!

We went on a Thomas train which my little brother would LOVE and there was this maze with these things that were supposed to be scary but I wasn’t scared.

When we fed the parrots (lorikeets in Lory Landing) I got a bit scared when one landed on my head. I screamed and it knocked my hat on the floor.

It was good to be able to walk round the animals again and again as we missed some first time. When we went back we saw different ones who’d been asleep or hiding and some were being fed like the Penguins. They were really funny swimming under water after the fish and the lady said they were liking their new coats.

The paddling pool (explorers lagoon) was really fun. We had our swimmers so we got to have our picnic there and play in the water cos it was quite hot.

After lunch we went to watch the monkeys (lemurs) have their lunch. One tried to get our lunch box and they were jumping all around us. The little black one was really cute.

Next we got an ice cream in the sweet shop (Candyland) which had loads of yummy stuff in it.'


When asked to sum up Drusillas in 1 word Alex said 'AWESOME!'

Grown up says:

'The kids loved it. We’ve never been and it’s really close to Brighton. It was great to see them learning things while having fun. There are Zoolympics Challenges all over the park where kids can compare themselves to animals in all sorts of ways like speed, strength, even screaming!

Alex was so determined to get to the top of one of the challenges she tried about 10 times and then managed to hang on to the monkey bars for over a minute.

The playground is fantastic. Great for big kids and little ones. It's really well thought out and clean and there's plenty of seating for grown-ups (essential). The restaurants looked good but we had a packed lunched which they were fine with us taking in and the icecreams we bought were reasonably priced and very nice.

There was plenty to fill the day and they even had good coffee!'


Drusillas is just off the A27 near Alfriston. Click here for a chance to WIN a family day out during Halloween SHRIEK WEEK October 2013. 

If you would love to try something new and become a KalliKids Parents Voice complete our short form on this page and if we match you with a local class or activity you could try it out for FREE.

Ryan Thomas

Social Media Apprentice - Ryan Thomas

 Ryan is a Social Media apprentice currently studying Digital Media at City College Brighton 

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