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Dinki Disco Review - Parents' Voice

Dinki Disco Review - Parents' Voice

Local parent Rachael took her son Max to Dinki Disco in Worthing last week and couldn't resist busting a few moves with him.

'Max attended his first disco this weekend and its run by a local group called Dinki Disco. The disco is aimed at children of all ages to come along and have a dance, play and even eat, in fact it is fair to say that this event is very much a family dance event - I dare you not to even tap your toes....

When we arrived we were given a ticket for a lunch bag and free to do whatever we wanted. There is a good array of activities. I assumed it was just going to be a disco! But of course it's not, it is a children's activity afternoon. We were there for 2 hours before I even noticed the time!

We had face painting, lunch, music, a ball pit, tents and toys!

As for the disco and dancing we had the DJ, the dancers, hula hoops, a parachute, ribbons and pom poms - (my personal favourite).

All the children were well behaved and this is an ideal place to come if you are thinking of having a disco for your child's birthday, it gives you a flavour as to what to expect for your party. The public discos are run for 3 hours with half a dozen organisers/dancers but this is scaled down to 2 dancers and 2 hours for your own party. I do recommend trying out the public disco first as you will not be disappointed and can discuss your own needs for your party. Details of the next disco can be found here.

When I spoke with the girls on Saturday they are in the process of updating what is on offer for private parties so do get in touch.

I've added a few pictures of the event but had to be careful as I do not want to upload images of other people's children without permission! For more images of the events you can always check out their KalliKids profile.

Thank you Dinki Disco, Max slept very well that night.'

Rachael and Max visited Dinki Disco in Worthing as part of our Parents' Voice programme. She also writes here own blog at If you wish to try something new with your kids for FREE do register your interest here

Sarah Ryman

- Sarah Ryman

Sarah is a mum of 2 young children who blogs @afieldsomewhere

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