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KalliKids for children's activity providers

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Welcome to KalliKids, the brand new service that brings together families with quality family activity providers.

KalliKids is brand new and we are recruiting quality family activity providers.

The KalliKids service

KalliKids is an accreditation service for quality family activity providers whether you are a party entertainer, a guitar teacher, a child carer, a maths tutor, a sports club or a child-friendly venue.

Accreditation award

Trust is an essential part of selecting family activities. Many of your current enquiries may well come from personal recommendations where trust is transferred from one person to another by experience. KalliKids is designed to provide this reassurance through accreditation.

KalliKids is word of mouth with a megaphone!


KalliKids is Online and Local

  • Advanced features for providers to personalise their KalliKids profile, add photos, advice and news
  • Express and Advanced Search functionality for parents
  • Feedback functionality for families to rate providers and share recommendations
  • Pin Boards on activities for families to learn more, gain advice and share experiences.
  • Meet-Me Days for families and providers to meet and get to know each other
  • Extensive KalliKids marketing targeted to attract parents
  • Newsletters: the opportunity for providers to communicate directly with families with children looking for activities.

As a provider, your service can be awarded accreditation for more than one activity - all within the same annual subscription. If you have an activity that we haven’t listed – no problem, we’ll add it.

KalliKids Benefits for activity providers

KalliKids accreditation is open only to good, high-quality and trustworthy family activity providers. If that is you, then accreditation can bring you more pupils, members or customers through increased credibility and visibility.

  • Your accreditation will demonstrate that you are trusted and approved
  • Your referees plus online feedback will demonstrate your consistent quality and rating
  • Your accreditation logo on advertising materials will demonstrate your trustworthy status.

Accreditation will increase your online and local presence in many ways:

  • Your online personalised KalliKids profile (which our marketing team can help with)
  • Opportunities for you to meet local families at Meet-Me Days
  • Opportunities for you to communicate directly to local families via news feeds and newsletters
  • Opportunities for you to be featured in KalliKids marketing
  • Hints and tips for your own marketing
  • Your Welcome Pack including car stickers, certificate and feedback cards.
  • You can choose which features you want to use based on your choice of plan and options.

Applying is easy

Earning accreditation and setting up your profile is easy and we’re always on hand to help. We can even help you with writing the text for your profile if you would prefer.

As soon as you are awarded accreditation, your KalliKids profile will be visible to families actively searching for trustworthy services. Parents can choose to either telephone or email you directly.

Personalise your KalliKids profile

Families will come to your profile to understand what you offer, how you are rated and how your activities differ from other providers.

You can personalise your KalliKids profile to maximise impact by adding:

  • Your expertise, experience and advice
  • Your photos (for example: your team, venue and class)
  • Your documents (for example: sheet music, team tactics, homework or dance positions)
  • Your videos (for example: your stage show, your technique hints, a pupil learning a new move)
  • Your news, updates of locations and class times
  • Your original website link.

Your profile is easy to set up and KalliKids takes care of the website hosting, cookie laws and website maintenance.

In addition, your KalliKids profile will be findable through KalliKids searches and directly through Search engines such as Google and Bing.

Be a KalliKids activity provider

KalliKids accreditation will increase your credibility and visibility even on a very tight budget.

The KalliKids services are offered at very competitive rates compared to local newspaper advertising and website hosting fees AND your KalliKids accreditation logo gives you additional credibility.


 KalliKids Pink Bod representing active children

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Many of your current enquiries may well come through word-of-mouth where trust is transferred from one person to another. KalliKids is word-of-mouth with a megaphone.


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