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Want to try something new for free?

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Apply to be a Parents Voice


Here at KalliKids, we believe that all our accredited activity and service providers are fantastic as they have all been recommended by parents just like you.

But... we still like to get regular updates on just how brilliant they are so we are inviting you to become a Parents Voice.

Apply to be a Parents Voice and if we match you with a local accredited activity or service we will invite you to:

  • take the kids along for a free session/taster class
  • write a 200-300 word review on what the session/class/day out was like.

It's a great way to discover new things and to share your experience with other parents.

It’s all about word of mouth with a megaphone!


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Terms and conditions
  • As a parent, you can be named or remain anonymous.
  • KalliKids will do its best to match potential reviewers to accredited activities and services but does not guarantee a match nor a visit.
  • KalliKids may use your photo(s) taken during your visit to promote the review you write.
  • KalliKids may promote the review written via its blog and in other ways on and offline. KalliKids owns the copyright to the review.
  • KalliKids retains the right to use or not use the review, at its own discretion.
  • The reviewer and the provider are subject to all the terms and conditions and policies of KalliKids.