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Ideas to help your child learn a language

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  • Make sure they know that it is OK to make mistakes. When learning a new language it is evident that children will make many mistakes, and it is important that this doesn’t knock their confidence. Encourage your child positively, don't focus on all the mistakes.
  • Identify the motivation of your child as this is key. Are they learning for a summer holiday for example ?
  • Find out how your child is learning their new skills so you can reinforce and practice these at home. This also allows the child to show off what they have learnt and creates a sense of pride. They can even test you!
  • Listen to lyrical music in the language. The subconscious can learn this with no effort just by listening to that language on a radio. Internet radio opens up the possibility of listening to many languages on a laptop. This is great for auditory learners.
  • Buy some children's books in the language being learned. The words and sentences in books for young children, even toddlers and babies can be very simple and help your child learn in stages and with pictures. This is great for visual learners.
  • Use words in context, for example, when eating dinner, test each other on the words for knives and forks and the food. This is great for kinaesthetic learners.
  • Be realistic, it takes three to seven years to become fluent in a second language especially when living in the UK without hearing that language everyday.


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A man who knows two languages is worth two men.

French proverb

Does your child want to learn a language?  Find out interesting facts and the learning benefits of language tuition for languages such on the expert pin boards.

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