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How to give your child a head start in show business

How to give your child a head start in show business

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As a parent, if you see your child has a gift for the performing arts and you want to see it flourish, there are steps you can take to ensure that they’ve got the best possible chance of success. All natural talent needs to be nurtured and nothing can beat dedication and practice for bringing out the best in each student. Attending performing arts classes at a reputable school such as Razzamataz Sheffield, which offers all three disciplines of dance, drama and singing every Saturday during term time for three hours, is crucial for creating all round performers.


If you want your child to audition for professional work, they will need to be signed to an agency.


Razzamataz works in partnership with prestigious children’s casting agency Top Talent, which specialises in TV, commercials, pop videos, musicals, films, documentaries and much more and receives between 20-30 castings each day.

So far, six Razzamataz Sheffield students have been accepted onto their books and Harry Didcote, age 6 from Woodthorpe in Sheffield was recently chosen to appear in a National Trust TV advert. “Harry works extremely hard in and out of class to ensure he is fully prepared for all performances and auditions” says Helen Green, Principal of Razzamataz Sheffield. “He is a credit to our school and we are so proud of his first of many professional achievements”

Top Talent Director Warren Bacci represents some of the most talented children in the UK and knows exactly how they should prepare for an audition. “It’s always useful to be a little bit early as sometimes you are given a bit of a script when you arrive, or a ‘story’ about what it is you are being asked to do,” says Warren. “This may be a scene from a drama, or an outline of a commercial, and it is good to have a few minutes to read through it."








Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances. 

Sanford Meisner


Top Tips

Make sure your child is dressed simply and if it is musical theatre, wear something they can move around easily in and girls should have their hair down. Make sure your daughter doesn’t have any makeup on, it’s surprising how many do and your child should always look the casting people in the eye and speak clearly to them, and act confidently. Have fun but don’t forget to be polite and smile.” To find out about the next auditions for Top Talent agency or to register to attend a free taster session contact Razzamataz Sheffield,



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