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Children Children's Disco, Freestyle & Street Dance facts and ideas

Children's Disco, Freestyle & Street Dance

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Introduction by Alex Skinner of East Sussex Dance


Although these three modern dance styles usually come under the same umbrella, they are incredibly different. They are often taught in one class to equip students with the very different skills required to become a professional dancer.

Disco describes any style danced to modern music and has been popular in the UK since the late 1970's. The emphasis is on "feeling" the rhythm of the music through the core and routines are learned to modern music.

Freestyle is a gymnastic style of dance requiring flexibility, dynamic movement and performance. Freestyle dance can be fast or slow and has a large competitive/performance emphasis.

Street dance encompasses a wide range of urban styles; Breaking, Waacking, Popping, Locking, Commercial and Hip Hop to name but a few! These styles came out of America in the 70's and 80's and were first widely recognised when Michael Jackson was in his prime.


    • Interesting facts
    • How to pick a dance teacher for your child
    • Qualifications & exams
    • Learning from the activity
    • Famous people
    • YouTube
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