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How to Plan a Perfect Holiday with Kids: Part Two – Long Haul Flights and Journeys


If you are planning to fly away this Summer on a family holiday, you may find this advice, courtesy of, helpful……

Keep Kids Close at Hand

Trunki!  So many people swear by this fantastic product. Great for keeping your little ones entertained in the airport but also great when they get tired. A good investment.

Attach a luggage label to your toddlers. We all know they have a habit of running around and if, in the scary event of you losing them in a crowded airport, your name, number and flight destination will be known to staff, who can reunite you easily.

Keeping Kids Busy

Stock up your tablet, or iphone with plenty of new games for the flight. Some airlines have seat back consoles with lots of games, but it’s always good to have plenty to keep the kids from getting bored. For the really little ones, take a favourite toy and a few new ones. Some people have said they even wrap up toys to give as little presents at durations through the flight. Anything to stop your kids getting bored and frustrated on a long flight is good.

Keep Kids Fed and Watered

Take a variety of savoury snacks. A hungry child is an unhappy and generally noisy child. A variety of snacks throughout the flight not only stops your kids getting hungry but can keep them busy as well. Sweets aren’t a good idea, unless you want a sugar fuelled child charging around the airplane. At take-off you might want to give your baby a bottle, or toddler a dummy to alleviate the discomfort in the change of cabin pressure. Older kids can have a boiled sweet or a lolly.

Keeping Cosy and Comfortable

Take a familiar blanket, especially for toddlers and babies, they can snuggle in for comfort. It may also be worth taking a cushion or pillow, for smaller kids who need a little lift to be able to see out of the window and make it more comfortable for them sleeping. Try to stick to a routine as much as possible. This can be hard but as close as you can be to your child’s normal routine, the easier the flight will be for everyone.

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