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Tennis is my Dream

 This is a guest post by JoJo aged 11 and three quarters.

Jo Jo writes here about why she is mad about tennis and her visit to Wimbledon.

I have only been playing tennis for 2 years but have already caught up with those who have played all their lives. I only got into tennis after a school tennis tournament where I beat nearly everyone except for one girl who played seriously. Since then it was my goal to beat her and now, after I have committed myself I can beat her left handed (I'm right handed).

I have always been quite sporty but with all the tennis training I am now pretty fit, like everyone who plays seriously. I love tennis because I'm the only one who can change everything, there's no team to rely on, it’s just me. For some people that would be a bad thing, not to be able to blame anyone except yourself. Obviously tennis is very physical but it's more mentally tough than people think. Tennis is not boring because there's always something to work on whether you’re a pro or just a club player.

Tennis is now my dream, it's all I can think about. Winning Wimbledon!

I have been to Wimbledon a couple times before, and once we won four tickers in a draw for the men's final 2011. We were really lucky because it turned out to be my favourite player, Rafael Nadal against Novak Djockvich. It was a good four setter match but Novak won.

This year I was lucky enough to go on the first day and watched a match from the player's box. It was great. I saw Ivanovich beat Rozzaro which was a really good match and fun to watch. After that I saw Sloan Stephens defeat Jamie Hampton.

On the first day it was great and there were always good matches to watch wherever you were. Even though on TV you can get a better view, the atmosphere in the crowd is way better. For example, the oohs and aahs and the loudest cheers when Andy Murray comes on. Of course Wimbledon is famous for tennis and the players being in white, but also strawberries and cream. They are amazing too! However there is of course a bad thing about Wimbledon and that is GOING HOME.

Wimbledon is amazing. It’s a great experience I will never forget.

JoJo is now following her dreams and leaving home to study full time at a tennis academy in France. Watch out for her at Wimbledon in 5 years! You can leave a comment to wish her luck.

If your kids are inspired by Wimbledon, check out some of our accredited tennis coaches including David Taylor, Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club and Tennis Tigers (4+). Or, for a multi-sport club try Ready Steady Sport, The Deans Leisure Centre and Activ8 for Kids.


Karen Bach

Founder - Karen Bach

Mum of two almost-teenage children, Founder of KalliKids and experienced in many different businesses including childcare and technology.

1 comment

  • Coombemill

    03:01PM 04 Jul 2013 Reply

    Best of luck Jo Jo and hope you go all the way with your tennis

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