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Blackbelt Leaders Martial Arts - Train For Free

Every Saturday in the Summer Holidays kids can train for FREE in the Blackbelt Leaders Martial Arts Programme in Worthing. They will even throw in a traditional martial arts uniform to use. Quote ‘KalliKids’ to Blackbelt Leaders and give it a go.

At Blackbelt Leaders they aim to help kids increase confidence, focus, concentration, physical abilities and self-discipline as well as prepare them to make good choices; the keys to performing well in school, sport and life.

They can help your child experience and appreciate the benefits of being disciplined while making friends and staying healthy.

What the kids say:

“There are so many things that I have learnt at Blackbelt leaders, It is a fantastic place!”

“I started going to Blackbelt leaders when I was 9. My big brother wanted to go so he did his trial then I jumped on the mat afterwards and thought it was great! I have been training at Blackbelt leaders for four years now and I am a blackbelt! I have learnt how to not only defend myself and self-disclipine; it’s a great workout and keeps you fit. As well as having a spectacular time, I have made lots of great friends – children my age and adults – and the instructors are absolutely amazing!” 

Marium Ahmad aged 12


“Blackbelt Leaders have done lots for me and my confidence. When I first turned up I was a very shy boy with the attention span of a goldfish. But after I had been going for a while my parents told me that I was much more confident and my attention span had greatly improved, I did not think this, but amazingly it had. I had gone from this shy boy as I said before and became a person who is not afraid to teach a class full of adults and not get distracted easily.” 

Ryan McKeon aged 16

What the parents say:

“I was looking for a martial arts class that not only taught physical wellbeing but also philosophy of life. When I found Blackbelt Leaders I was delighted as they have a global teaching approach. Their focus is not only on fitness and behaviour but on a bigger picture.”

5 out of 5

Read more Blackbelt Leaders customer reviews on their profile page.

Visit Blackbelt Leaders in Worthing any Saturday in the holidays, quote ‘KalliKids’ and train for FREE.

Karen Bach

Founder - Karen Bach

Mum of two almost-teenage children, Founder of KalliKids and experienced in many different businesses including childcare and technology.

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