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4 Ways to Turn Autumn Leaves into Fun Activities for Kids

There’s not a person out there who can deny that autumn is one of the most fantastic times of year. The dark, cosy nights begin to set in, there’s the excitement of getting the kids ready for their Halloween parties, and, of course, there’s endless opportunities for brisk walks through the crisp orange leaves.

The changing of the leaves is synonymous with the season, but they’re not just for looking at – you can also use them to entertain the kids on rainy days, and teach them more about this incredible time of year. Here are 5 ways you can transform those autumn leaves into fun activities for kids.

1. Create a Collage with the kids

One of the simplest ways to make autumn leaves into a fun activity for kids is to produce a seasonal collage that you can hang on the wall to show off your kids’ creativity. The really great news is that kids of any age can take part in this as it’s so simple – you just need leaves, glue, and a piece of paper or card. The collage can be as basic or as complex as your kids want as there are no rules here, making this a great unstructured activity which encourages kids to use their imaginations, rather than being limited by rules and goals.

2. Produce Colourful Leaf Rubbings

Leaf rubbings are a classic activity – we did them when we were kids, our parents did them, and now our kids can learn how fun it is to create colourful leaf rubbings that they can display in the bedrooms, or even hang on the fridge. Although you can choose to do a leaf rubbing with a ‘raw’ leaf, a good idea to help keep those leaves intact is to laminate them and trim them to size – you’ll still get the same texture, but the delicate leaf will be a little more protected. Your kids can use any colours here, but oranges, greens, yellows and browns are ideal.

3. Your kids could even brighten up Your Laundry

Many of us find that our laundry loads start to increase in autumn – higher rainfall means more trousers covered in mud, while the aftermath of the Halloween makeup can be a nightmare. Doing the laundry at this time of year can be a bit dull, so why not ask your kids to make you some homemade clothes pegs to brighten up your day? It’s so simple, all they need to do is pick some of the brightest and most beautiful leaves, and glue them onto your wooden or plastic pegs. Don’t worry – if you use a water-based glue, it will come off easily when you want it to.

4. Have a family Sing-Along

If your kids have exhausted their creativity for the day and you’re looking for a simple yet fun activity that you can all enjoy together as a family, here’s a great idea. Sprinkle a few autumn leaves on the floor to create the right kind of atmosphere, sit in a circle, and sing some songs about the season. The Department for Culture, Sport, and Media suggests that ‘singing can improve pupils’ learning, confidence, health, and social development’, so it’s also an excellent educational activity, too. Here’s one song to get you started:

Leaves are falling, leaves are falling
Falling on my nose!
Leaves are falling, leaves are falling
Falling on my toes!
On my head, on my legs, even my elbows!
Leaves are falling, leaves are falling
When the brisk wind blows! WHOOSHHHHHH!

The Best Time of Year

Fun autumn activities with the kids for half term - family walking in woods

There are so many great activities for kids that really can only be experienced at this wonderful time of year, so don’t waste these precious weeks. Before you know it, those leaves will all have turned brown and we’ll be putting on our winter boots, ready to head outdoors and build snowmen!


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