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Children Children's Cycling: Interesting Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Cycling: Interesting Facts & Ideas

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Did you know that more people cycle in the world than drive? By introducing your child to the world of cycling he/she could enjoy increased independence by cycling to school or to see friends. There are many opportunities to join a variety of clubs catering for road-biking, mountain-biking or BMX biking. Your child could cycle for fun or start training to have the chance to be involved in competitive cycle races.

Cycling was invented by Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a Scot, and, until recently has been viewed as either a means of transport or leisure. However, cycling has recently become an important competitive sport and hit the headlines in 2012 after Team GB won 10 gold medals at the Olympics and Bradley Wiggins became the first Briton to win the Tour de France! Could your child be a future GB medal winner?

    • Interesting facts
    • How to pick a cycling club for your child
    • National associations & clubs
    • Qualifications & exams
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  1. People say

    • Cycling has always been a hobby of mine since I got my first bike before I can even remember. It is a great way to stay fit and healthy and get a good dose of fresh air! I consider myself as a casual cyclist but there is a large community of proper cyclists where I live including some of my friends. Some days I enjoy a bike ride with my headphones on, listening to my iPod. It lets me clear my head of the days stresses and can think about other things. Other times, I will go on a bike ride with friends. We are just socialising as we would over any other activity but we are doing exercise at the same time without really realising.

      Anonymous, Adult learner

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