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Pyjama Drama Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale in Cowbridge

Pyjama Drama Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale

  1. Welcome to Pyjama Drama Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale! Here at Pyjama Drama we are passionate about providing young children with a drama programme that is fun, exciting, and which develops the skills needed for children to lead happy and successful lives, outside their home. Drama has many benefits; as teachers we see this every day, but first and foremost Pyjama Drama is about having lots and lots of fun!

    What is Pyjama Drama?

    Pyjama Drama is a drama and imaginative play programme for children up to 7 years. You can join a class with your child, or find our programme in nurseries, and schools. We also offer holiday workshops and deliver magical parties!

    Here are just five things that make Pyjama Drama so special…

    1) Children develop at astonishing speeds during their early years, so we offer four unique, age-differentiated classes – Dewdrops (for babies and young toddlers), Raindrops (for older toddlers), Rainbows (for pre-school children) and Sunbeams (5 – 7 years)

    2) The programme has been written by an experienced teacher and is designed to develop key skills such as communication, co-operation, concentration and confidence – all whilst igniting the imagination!

    3) Our drama is child lead meaning that every single session is different - one week we may be building a rocket to visit the man in the moon, the next picking up the King’s dirty socks off his bedroom floor and the next making marshmallow cake for an alien!

    4) We keep our class sizes small so that every child has an incredible experience, every week.

    5) We don’t use props or costumes and here’s why – we don’t need them! All we need to create magical and exciting drama is a child's imagination. And that sparkly dress in the box, well, it's never as sparkly as the one in your imagination….

    Have fun!







    • We have been voted as a nominee in the KalliKids Best Theatre Class award 2015!

      02 October 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale

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    • Cowbridge 48A Eastgate Cowbridge CF71 7AB
      • Baby changing room
      • Toddler play area
      • Play area for children over 4 years old
      • Child menu/food and drink
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
    • Bridgend Ewenny Road Bridgend CF31 3HS
      • Baby changing room
      • Baby bottle heating
      • Free Parking
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
    • Talbot Green The Pavilion, Talbot Green CF72 8HY
      • Baby changing room
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
      • Free Parking
    • Penygawsi Penygawsi Community Centre, Penygawsi CF72 8DQ
      • Baby changing room
      • Free Parking
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
    • St Athan Flemingston Road St Athan CF62 4JH
      • Baby changing room
      • Baby bottle heating
      • Free Parking
      • Buggy/Disabled Access


    Activity classes for early years settings, Baby and Pre-school activities, Baby, toddler and pre-school classes, Baby, toddler and pre-school Communication, Drama classes

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  2. Pyjama Drama Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale has 7 reviews with an average of 4.9
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.9
    • What the Kids Think 4.7
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Annalee, Mum to Layla (2) and Lucas (1). Beddau

      Both of my children go to Pyjama Drama. The younger children's session is timed just right at half-an-hour with the activities having the same structure with a different theme each week. The session is broken into bite size chunks with a bit of everything, music drama and singing. Jo, is made for working with children, vibrant, enthusiastic with so much energy! the children are drawn to her. The new lady, Nessa is excellent too and has the same enthusiasm and energy. My son loves storytime, he loves the puppet and getting involved in the story. My daughter loves the imaginary play. The whole atmosphere is great for bringing out children's imagination and they have so much fun!

      Annalee 12 Jun 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Chris, Dad to Evan (6) and Liam (2). Church Village.

      Having two boys I like that Pyjama Drama is really different from other typical boy things. I enjoyed drama myself and wanted to introduce Evan to it. He has been going along for 3 years now, Pyjama Drama has been good for him, showing in the speaking parts he has been given in school productions. Jo is really good with the children, very friendly and polite, really interactive and expressive. Nessa, who is a new instructor is really excellent too. Evan really enjoys the role play acting at Pyjama Drama and for Liam the fact that the classes are structured and he knows what's coming next is something he really likes. Pyjama Drama ticks all of the boxes!

      Chris 12 Jun 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Laura, Mum of Freya (21 months), Cardiff

      I really like the way the group is set up, there is a structure in place but it is not rigid so the children can still run around and have fun. The structure side of it is good for them from a young age as it helps prepare them for the future and when they start school. The classes are really helping her imagination, she’s not even two yet her ability to pretend and play imaginative games is really good which I attribute to her coming here. The people who take the classes are so passionate about drama, you can tell that each class has been rehearsed and planned around a specific theme each week, but they are also like big kids themselves so they have a lot of fun with the children too! My daughter has a lovely time coming here and has made lots of friends.

      Laura 26 May 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Zoe, Mum of Seren (6) and Rhydian (3), Cardiff

      My daughter started here first which was about three years ago and she absolutely loves it. I used to go with her but now she’s older she attends on her own and comes away full of what she’s been doing as it really engages her. She sings all of the songs at home too, so my son knew them before he started last year - this meant he got straight into it! I think what really makes it different from other similar classes is the “let’s pretend” section. Jo has to fully engage each child and get them to use their imagination in a completely different way from anything I’ve ever seen before. She is incredible as she tailors what she’s doing to respond to the children’s ideas and she takes them along with her in everything she’s doing. This is a pretty unique skill – one that I’m not sure you can teach, it’s just something special she has. Jo has got a really lovely way about her and she deals with any parental enquiry straight away.

      Zoe 23 May 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Greg, father of Millie

      Our daughter really enjoys each class. Jo will a fantastic leader and makes each enjoyable for everyone. Our daughter regularly will repeat the noises or actions learnt in each lesson whilst at home and we have seen a marked improvement in her speech since attending pyjama drama. I would highly recommend pyjama drama to any parent

      Greg 03 Sep 2015


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    Pyjama Drama Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale has 7 reviews with an average of 4.9
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  3. Latest from Pyjama Drama Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale

    • We have been voted as a nominee in the KalliKids Best Theatre Class award 2015!

      02 October 2015

    • Summer holidays are here! We have a few spaces available! Please get in touch to book yours - we are going to have a LOT of fun!

      19 July 2015

    • Did you know we work with schools too? Get in touch to see how we can work with your child's school!

      02 July 2015

    • Summer holidays are nearly here and we have LOADS going on! Places are getting booked up so get in touch now to grab a place!

      12 June 2015

    • Half term is here! We hope you are having lots of fun. Why not come along to Barry Sidings for the annual Teddy Bears Picnic on Thursday 11- 2 and come and say hello?

      26 May 2015

  4. Pyjama Drama Llantrisant, Bridgend and The Vale Timetable

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    • Mon
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    • Sun
    • Penygawsi Community Centre
      9:30 Dewdrops (stay and play after class)
      10:45 Raindrops
      11:30 Rainbows
    • Western Vale, Integrated Children's Centre
      12:00 Raindrops
      12:45 Rainbows
      13:40 Dewdrops (stay and play after class)
    • The Pavilion
      9:15 Raindrops
      10:00 Rainbows
      11:00 Sunbeams
  5. Jo Partridge - Manager

    Hi, I'm Jo and I run Pyjama Drama in South Wales. After realising that growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional, I figured I had to find a career that allowed me to continue being a big kid, surround myself with children and play! So Pyjama Drama came to South Wales! I am a trained actress and worked in the industry for a number of years which was great fun, but becoming a mother changed my priorities and confirmed, once again, how important it is to play with children and nurture their inquisitive and imaginative minds whilst also providing them with invaluable life long skills (such as confidence, communication, concentration and cooperation) So if you want to come and play (children are welcome too) then please get in touch and we will hopefully see you very soon.  

    Millie Barnes - Session Leader

    Hi, I'm Millie and I joined Jo at Pyjama Drama South Wales in April 2015. I have always had a passion for working with children, and I enjoy nothing more than encouraging their development and seeing them grow as individuals. I have worked in day nursery's and primary schools, and completing my degree in Early Years Development & Education at the University of South Wales has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of child development and the importance of stimulating a child's imagination... Enter Pyjama Drama! Every session allows us to explore a different imaginary world and it is so very rewarding to see the children expressing themselves through their imagination as well as having so much fun. I feel so privileged to have found myself a job that I look forward to every morning because I can't wait to find out where our imaginations will take us each day. So what are you waiting for, come and join in all the fun with us at Pyjama Drama. Who knows, we could be flying with the magic fairies or rolling around in the muddy puddles!

    Nessa Royle - Session Leader

    Hi, my name is Vanessa, I am happily married and the mother of two beautiful children. I have worked in childcare for nearly eleven years, and have enjoyed every minute. From birth to ten years of age, every moment is different and magical. My roles have included child-minder, nursery nurse, nursery manager and full & part time nanny and best of all mummy!! I absolutely love being a Pyjama Drama session leader, it brings together so many invaluable lessons and I get to teach them all through playing!! The best fun you can have... I never know what new adventures the kids will take me on, being a princess in our castles, snow dragon-riders chasing balloons or having fish supper with the penguin family... Our imaginations are limitless..!!! Come and join in the fun, growing up doesn't have to be boring!!

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