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Pyjama Drama - Cumbria & Northumberland

  1. Welcome to Pyjama Drama Carlisle! Here at Pyjama Drama we are passionate about providing young children with a drama programme that is fun, exciting, and which develops the skills needed for children to lead happy and successful lives, outside their home. Drama has many benefits; as teachers we see this every day, but first and foremost Pyjama Drama is about having lots and lots of fun!

    What is Pyjama Drama?

    Pyjama Drama is a drama and imaginative play programme for children up to 7 years. You can join a class with your child, or find our programme in nurseries, and schools. We also offer holiday workshops and deliver magical parties!

    Here are just five things that make Pyjama Drama so special…

    1) Children develop at astonishing speeds during their early years, so we offer four unique, age-differentiated classes – Dewdrops (for babies and young toddlers), Raindrops (for older toddlers), Rainbows (for pre-school children) and Sunbeams (5 – 7 years)

    2) The programme has been written by an experienced teacher and is designed to develop key skills such as communication, co-operation, concentration and confidence – all whilst igniting the imagination!

    3) Our drama is child lead meaning that every single session is different - one week we may be building a rocket to visit the man in the moon, the next picking up the King’s dirty socks off his bedroom floor and the next making marshmallow cake for an alien!

    4) We keep our class sizes small so that every child has an incredible experience, every week.

    5) We don’t use props or costumes and here’s why – we don’t need them! All we need to create magical and exciting drama is a child's imagination. And that sparkly dress in the box, well, it's never as sparkly as the one in your imagination….

    Have fun!







    • You are now looking at the WINNER of "Pyjama Drama 2015 franchisee of the year"!! I'm so happy :-)

      29 June 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered


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    • Carlisle Aztec Soft Play Centre Crown Street Carlisle CA2 5AB
    • Penrith Penrith Leisure Centre Southend Road Penrith CA11 8JH


    Activity classes for early years settings, Baby and Pre-school activities, Baby, toddler and pre-school classes, Baby, toddler and pre-school Communication, Drama classes

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  2. Pyjama Drama - Cumbria & Northumberland has 15 reviews with an average of 4.7
    • Quality of Service 4.7
    • Value for Money 4.7
    • What the Kids Think 4.7
    • What the Adults Think 4.7


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    • Jennifer, Mum to Faye (1) Carlisle

      Pyjama Drama is fun for both of us; I enjoy seeing Faye having a good time. We sing songs, do movement to music, play with instruments, there’s story telling with a puppet which Faye loves, we do a lot in half an hour! It’s got quite a predictable structure but the content changes every week, so there will be the same songs and actions, some of which Faye has learnt already like brush your hair. It’s lovely to see all the babies engrossed in what’s going on.

      Jennifer 11 Jun 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Rachel, Childminder, Carlisle

      I take several children to Pyjama drama and they range from about two through to four and a half. Pyjama drama is really imaginative and explores the themes in depth, the children bring whatever they’ve done home, last week it was a baby dragon and it’s all they talked about all day. One time it was birthdays and there were tears because someone else had blown out the candles on the imaginary cake! It helps with speech and language, special awareness; it’s so involved and supports the early learning curriculum. If I could bottle it up and bring it home it’d be perfect, I really wouldn’t change a thing.

      Rachel 09 Jun 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Amanda, Mum to Alex and Isabel (both 6), Cumbria

      Alex and Isabel both go to the half term holiday clubs that Sarah runs, I know they play lots of games and do drama things. One of my favourite things is that they put on a performance at the end of the session for the parents which is really lovely. They both enjoy and look forward to it, and it’s been particularly helpful for my little girl who is partially deaf, it’s really done so much for her confidence and I love it for that.

      Amanda 05 Jun 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Amanda, Mum to Millie (nearly 4) and Faye (15 months),Cumbria

      It’s very warm & welcoming when you go in; it’s a very happy atmosphere. We start off with the “hello” song, the children all take it in turns to say hello to each other so we get to learn everyone’s name and it makes the children feel important and included. Then we get into the pyjama drama circle and do let’s pretend which is a lot of fun and really imaginative, Sarah comes alive and creates this magical kingdom, the children are all enthralled. They could be digging for treasure being a pirate one week, another week you’re a frog hopping about. Millie’s been to speech therapy and is quite shy and pyjama drama has made such a difference, it’s really brought her on and she’s much more confident too. Faye really enjoys it too and will be starting the Dew Drop classes for younger children soon, they both love it, and it’s really fun for parents too.

      Amanda 05 Jun 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Unhappy mum

      Do not take your child here

      S 30 Oct 2015


      Pyjama Drama - Cumbria & Northumberland – I am very sorry to hear of this. Pyjama Drama is 100% focused on delivering fun sessions for children and parents so we take complaints very seriously. Please contact me (contact details on page) and we could have a chat on how to get the best out of these sessions. Kindest regards Sarah - Manager Pyjama Drama north Cumbria


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    Pyjama Drama - Cumbria & Northumberland has 15 reviews with an average of 4.7
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  3. Latest from Pyjama Drama - Cumbria & Northumberland

    • You are now looking at the WINNER of "Pyjama Drama 2015 franchisee of the year"!! I'm so happy :-)

      29 June 2015

    • "If you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise"........ It was so great to meet all the children from Hunter Hall School in Penrith. I hope you're teddies don't feel too sick from all that chocolate cake and ice cream!

      09 June 2015

    • Lots of Pyjama Drama parties this weekend! Lucy who will be 5 is having a 'Frozen' themed party and Lewis who is 1 will be having lots of fun with his friends with the rather wonderful 'Beep Beep' theme party. See you soon guys!

      05 June 2015

  4. Pyjama Drama - Cumbria & Northumberland Timetable

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    • Penrith Leisure Centre, Penrith

      10:15 Raindrops & Rainbows
    • Greystone Community Centre, Carlisle

      10:00 Dewdrops
    • Aztec Soft Play, Carlisle

      10:00 Raindrops
      10:50 Rainbows
    • Party Days!!
    • Party Days!!
  5. Sarah Watt

    Hello there, my name is Sarah and I am the lucky franchisee to have North Cumbria and Northumberland as my area!

    I’m a very young 34 year old and I have a little boy of seven who amazes me by the amount of food he eats and how his trousers seem to shrink past his ankles practically every two weeks! We live in an old hospital ward and we have at least 3 regular guests (my son calls them the shadow people) that like to visit us through the day, scare my friends and play with the children and they especially like to visit through the night and open my kitchen cupboard doors! I’m not mad, honestly but it does help to have a sense of humour about it all, in fact I’d be quite upset if they left.

    On a more sensible note about me, I have been working with children (amongst other jobs) for over 12 years. I studied at St Martins in Lancaster to do a degree in teaching and early years education and after that worked in a few schools. Throughout my time working and studying it was obvious that children learned through play and it was very important to me that I implemented this in my classes.

    Learning through play is what Pyjama Drama is all about. Every Pyjama Drama session is packed with lots of games, songs and imagination. The best thing is the children don’t even notice that they are learning about a topic or much needed life skills such as concentration, coordination and (my favourite) confidence. I have had so many teachers/parents/carers come up to me and tell me how the quietest of children have really come on leaps and bounds during and after the classes. To me that is the best thing about running Pyjama Drama and of course it’s serious fun too!

    **WARNING TO PARENTS** all of our songs are very, very catchy so don’t be surprised if you’re at home ironing socks, at your desk at the office or at the bus stop and find yourself singing to ‘Tip Tap Toe’ or ‘Dragon Jive’ - don't say I didn’t warn you! And if you'd like to talk to me about the classes (or even my ghosts), get in touch.


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