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Little Kickers - North East London in Hackney

Little Kickers - North East London

  1. As the currency of the school yard, there’s little doubt that football has a lot to offer the next generation of fleet-footed playground participants.

    At Little Kickers the focus is very much on fun - a national network of informal yet professionally run training classes where enthusiastic boys & girls (18mths – 7th birthday) are given a helping hand to stand on their own two feet.

    Of course we believe that a head start in sport is a fantastic investment in the future and naturally we’d be as pleased as punch if any of our former pupils go on to greater glories in the golden game. However Little Kickers is not a guaranteed passport to football fame!

    The real goal of Little Kickers, is to use football as a fun forum to instil our growing squad with a little extra confidence, co-ordination, control and sense of camaraderie; which we feel will stand them in very good stead for the future.

    As soon as your child reaches 18months, he/she should be more than ready to sign on the line for Little Kicks (18mths – 2yrs 3mths). Classes consist of an infectiously enthusiastic coach inviting you and your child to join forces for a first foray into all things football – nothing too clever just 45 minute sessions of full-on footy fun.

    By the time one reaches Junior Kickers (2 – 3½) it’s probably about time for most parents to retreat to the sidelines for a well-earned breather, although in truth our turnstile is never really shut, because one never knows when one might need to return to the pitch for one last lap of honour.

    Mighty Kickers (3½ – 5th bday) as the name implies is the point where most kids now choose to go it alone. However this welcome demonstration of independence doesn’t mean they won’t want their No.1 fan supporting them from the sidelines.

    And finally, Mega Kickers (5 – 7th bday). This programme is run in selected areas only and enables our more footy-impassioned Little Kickers to continue building on their skills once they have started school.


    Areas covered

    Islington, Hackney, Wapping, Wanstead, Walthamstow


    • Hackney 29 Forest Road Hackney E8 3BY
      • Baby changing room
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
      • Lift
    • Islington St Marys Neighbourhood Centre Upper Street Islington N1 2TX
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
    • Wanstead Christ Church Hall 37 Wanstead Place Wanstead E11 2SW
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
    • Walthamstow St Gabriels Family Centre Havent Road Walthamstow E17 3JF
      • Baby changing room
      • Buggy/Disabled Access
    • Wapping John Orwell Sports Centre Tench Street Wapping E1W 2QD
      • Baby changing room
      • Buggy/Disabled Access


    Football Party, Football training, Pre-school

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  2. Little Kickers - North East London has 3 reviews with an average of 4.7
    • Quality of Service 4.7
    • Value for Money 4.7
    • What the Kids Think 4.7
    • What the Adults Think 4.7


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    • Emma, Mum to Emily (2), Islington

      Three of my children have been too Little Kickers, the most recent is Emily. I like the fact that she’s doing an activity with children her own age as at that point she wasn’t in any form of child care so that interaction was great. I also liked that she had to take instructions from someone other than us, even though I was with her for the sessions she had to listen to someone else. Also it gave her a chance to burn off some energy and she looks super cute in the uniform. I like the idea of my daughters doing football and I’ve always found Adina approachable, chatty and nice, I can chat to her parent to parent and her customer service skills are great.

      Emma 26 Nov 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Louise, Mum to Killian (5) and James (3), N.E. London

      At the beginning when they’re little they tend to teach in a way that incorporates colours and numbers, so for instance they’ll put out coloured cones and get the children to run to the different colours, or dribble the a ball. They do different activities like pretending to be animals and balancing or bouncing the ball on their knees or toes and controlling the ball with their feet. At the end of the session they put the goals up and let the kids try to score, but in different ways like approaching the goal tip toeing, or going backwards then turning around to kick the ball. As they get older they go into teams and do mini matches which are great fun. At the end of those sessions they do a sharing the ball exercise which allows them to practise sharing and taking turns passing the ball and helps them learn each other names, it’s a nice calm way to end, then they all get stickers which they love!

      Louise 25 Nov 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Fiona, Mum to Jessi (9), Martha (8) Edie (5) Jonah (2), London

      The coaches are absolutely brilliant; they are engaging, open, fun, supportive and encouraging. The sessions are high energy, they run around for an hour and learn new skills, all my children have gone and they all loved it. We’ve had nothing but a brilliant experience with it.

      Fiona 20 Nov 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    Little Kickers - North East London has 3 reviews with an average of 4.7
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