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Corrine Gould - Social Skills Tutor in Cuckfield

Corrine Gould - Social Skills Tutor

  1. I am a professionally qualified social skills tutor of autistic children with more than 12 years experience of supporting children and young people with autistic spectrum conditions. I believe I can offer a unique and special service to parents and families by providing, at your home, a listening and supportive ear, advice and social skills tuition to children and young adults. By using play based games, pictures and stories to demonstrate to a child what is good social etiquette and behaviour I am able to breakdown barriers that exist to a child with an autistic spectrum condition. I can help him or her integrate more easily into school and everyday life.

    A simple example of this is turn-taking; by teaching a child to take turns, not to push in or interrupt people, situations like queuing for school meals and playing with other children becomes easier. Where once he or she would have been considered rude and bullish, now your child will been seen as friendly and polite, friendships can develop and life at school and home can start to get easier.

    Many children on the autistic spectrum suffer from sensory issues and will only eat certain foods. Clothing can be a problem too: is it too stiff scratchy or tight? These are what most people would say are minor issues, but become major ones for the child with an autistic spectrum condition. I can show you techniques to help you and your child deal more easily with them.

    As an approachable and caring parent of a young adult with learning difficulties I have lived through the associated challenges of school, college, home and everyday life.I am able to offer advice like how do you approach your child's teacher or a school? What is the next stage? Help with moving from primary to secondary school? Many parents worry about these and other issues. Working as a school professional I can view perspectives equally from the world of school and home.

    • I recently took 4 boys on a residential sailing trip. Read my blog of the trip.

      07 June 2014 - More announcements

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    Specialised social skills tuition and support for children with Asperger Syndrome.

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    Please contact me and we can discuss your child's needs and how I can best help.

  2. Corrine Gould - Social Skills Tutor has 4 reviews with an average of 4.4
    • Quality of Service 4.5
    • Value for Money 4.5
    • What the Kids Think 4.5
    • What the Adults Think 4.2


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    • Natalie, Mum of Joseph (8) and Clara (1)

      Joseph is diagnosed as high functioning on the autistic spectrum which means that he is academically very bright but struggles with his social skills. We've been working with Corrine on a one to one basis now for a term and a half. Corrine is helping Joseph with his social skills to help him integrate within mainstream school. Corrine sees Joseph on a fortnightly basis so that the learning has time to "sink in" and can then be applied.

      As a parent we have been on several courses on autism and parenting a child on the spectrum but sometimes a voice from the outside the immediate family is listened to more readily by children.

      The work Corrine has done with Joseph has been invaluable and she is so supportive of us as parents as well and is great as a sounding board. Corinne has excellent knowledge and resources and, most importantly, Joseph trusts her.

      Natalie 06 Nov 2012

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    • Dawn, Playleader / Volunteer Co-Ordinator, Kangaroos

      I have known Corrine for about eight years, initially as a friend and then more recently as a Support Worker at Kangaroos. Our members have a variety of additional needs. Some are within the autistic spectrum, some have downs syndrome or are wheelchair users. Corrine is a valued member of our team. She is very flexible and never minds what she is asked to do or which of the children or young people or groups she is asked to work with. Wherever Corrine works, she takes her role seriously and endeavours to give the children/young people a good time. Corrine treats the children as individuals and respects their differences.
      Corrine is prepared to give up her own time to organise activities for the children or events such as decorating our Christmas tree at the Christmas tree festival. When she was a colleague of mine at Harlands School, she used to run successful social skills courses for some of our children with ASC.

      Dawn 06 Nov 2012

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    • Auriel, Personal Reference

      I have known Corrine for more than 50 years on a personal level. She is one of the most dedicated, professional and hardworking people I know. But, it is her caring, compassionate and calm approach that makes her special. She has worked closely with children and young adults with mental disability all her professional teaching and volunteering life and it is the above qualities that help her achieve the best for her students.

      If I was pushed to think of a phrase to describe Corrine I would say she is "like lavender" - someone you turn to, to feel calm and cared for, two qualities I believe to be essential when looking for someone to work with children or young people with disabilities. She obviously has the qualifications too!

      Auriel 06 Nov 2012

    • Emily, mum of Finn

      Corrine was very helpful to our family, and provided much needed support in the early days after our son's diagnosis of high functioning autism. She was hugely comforting and helpful in our initial communication. My children all enjoyed her visits and I would recommend her to anyone looking for professional and friendly support for social skills issues.

      Emily 28 May 2014

    Corrine Gould - Social Skills Tutor has 4 reviews with an average of 4.4
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    • I recently took 4 boys on a residential sailing trip. Read my blog of the trip.

      07 June 2014

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    Please note: I know that it is can be difficult for parent's living with a child on the autistic spectrum to juggle their daily routines around work and school. I also know how important it is for an autistic child to have a regular routine. With this in mind I will always as much as possible try to meet you as parents and your child or children when it suits you. I would emphasis the importance of meeting regularly for the benefit of all.
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