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How am I really going to disconnect?

So how am I really truly going to stop looking at my Blackberry and leave my laptop in a cupboard?

Normally I only see my daughters in their photo on my desk!

In the past two years and one month, the days I have not worked at all total around 14 days. I’ve always been a workaholic but since founding KalliKids in March 2012, I have worked seven days a week and work five to 12 hours a day.

Most people (well, normal people really) love the weekends because they spend time with their families, they chill, go shopping, walk the dogs and see friends.

I love the weekends because I can go into the KalliKids office where there is everything you can possibly need including fast broadband ….. and can work with no distractions!

This means though that my two daughters don’t see much of me and we don’t often spend much family time together. With the lighter evenings we have been walking the dogs down country lanes but we haven’t had a family weekend together, with no-one working and no hockey, netball, tennis matches, for at least two years. You can argue that teenage girls don’t often want to spend time with Mum and Dad and there is a certain element of truth there but we do need to make more of an effort.

So, this coming Easter weekend I am taking up the #disconnecttoreconnect challenge, launched by We’ll be spending quality family time together, seeing my Dad, walking the dogs and I’m not quite sure what else. I am actually kind of wondering what we will do to fill four days!! Maybe I’ll even bake a cake, play scrabble and do some weeding in the garden. Maybe the three year-old to do list on the fridge door will have a few things ticked off it?

I am expecting to feel extremely nervous about leaving my laptop in a locked cupboard and will probably have to give the Blackberry to my husband so I don’t constantly pick it up. I’m going to try to persuade the two girls to leave their phones, MP3s and tablets alone too though that may take some kind of family bribery. Family bribery usually involves pocket money and food.

So all ideas from you will be very welcome. How do YOU empty your mind and chill? How do YOU fill a four day weekend?


Karen Bach

Founder - Karen Bach

Mum of two almost-teenage children, Founder of KalliKids and experienced in many different businesses including childcare and technology.


  • Sam Hartley

    03:12PM 09 Apr 2014 Reply

    Good Luck Karen, I look forward to hearing if you managed to succeed! Try and stay away from competitive board games.!

  • Sarah @afieldsomewhere

    10:58AM 07 Apr 2014 Reply

    Good luck Karen. I have a 10,000 piece jigsaw in the back of the cupboard if you get desperate!

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