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Tiny Soccer Stars - Sussex in Hove

  1. Tiny Soccerstars sessions are specially designed to give children their first touch with a ball. Our fully interactive sessions use a range of equipment to help children improve their gross and fine motor skills.

    We provide a structured programme of football coaching for toddlers and young children. The content of our sessions has been developed by specialists in Early Years learning and qualified FA coaches and encourage the children's mental as well as physical development.

    The programme teaches and develops all the basic football skills and on completion a children will be able to control the ball with all parts of their feet andbody. We are passionate about fitness and believe it it vital to encourage children to get involved from a young age. An active life is a happy, healthier life. Tiny Soccerstars provides little ones(and grown-ups!) with the chance to get involved, make friends and learn some great footballing skills in a fun and stimulating environment.

    Class sizes are limited and are organised depending on age so children are with their peers and the games, skills and drills are age appropriate.

    Twinkling Stars - walking to 2 years

    Designed specifically for our younger Soccerstars we introduce and continue to develop their all round movement, balance and co-ordinationalskills. Developing basic ball skills we learn new practices and develop ways to control the ball in the air.

    Shining Stars - 2 to 3 years

    Learning to control the ball with all parts of the body, skills such as passing and receiving, turns and juggling, improving spacial awareness and much much more. Introduction of team games.

    Shooting Stars - 3 years to school age

    Learning to control the ball with all parts of the body, lots of more advanced skills including undertaking a variety of passes and dribbling skills using all parts of the feet. Children still work closely with their grown-up but are given the opportunity to work alongside each other in small groups.



    Areas covered

    Classes in Lindfield, Southwater, Cuckfield,, Mannings Heath, Hurstpierpoint and Patcham. We also work with Nurseries, Playgroups, Mother and Toddler Groups and Primary Schools to provide sessions.

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    • Hove King Alfred Leisure Centre Kingsway Hove BN3 2WW
    • Lindfield King Edward Hall Lindfield RH16 2HH
    • Fairbank Road The Youth Club Room Beeson House 26 Lintot Square Fairbank Road RH13 9LA
    • Cuckfield The Queen's Hall High Street Cuckfield RH17 5EL
    • Turners Hill The Ark Mount Lane Turners Hill RH10 4RH
    • Patcham The Barn All Saints Church Church Hill Patcham BN1 8YE
    • Mannings Heath Mannings Heath Village Hall Golding Lane Mannings Heath RH13 6JU
    • Hurstpierpoint Hurstpierpoint Village Centre Trinity Road Hurstpierpoint BN6 9UY


    Activity classes for early years settings, Baby and Pre-school activities, Baby, toddler and pre-school classes, Baby, toddler and pre-school Movement, Baby, toddler and pre-school Sport, Football Party, Games Party, Nursery, Parent + Toddler Group

    Pricing & Other Information

    Please call us to come along for a free trial session.

    Week day sessions are £6.50, payable half termly
    Saturday sessions are £6.50 and are on a pay and play basis, payable 1 in advance.

    We offer 2 types of membership (one-off payment) both include
    - Children's insurance
    - Star charts
    - Reward medals
    - Certificates and stickers

    Standard membership with Tiny Soccerstars t-shirt £20
    Premier membership with Tiny Soccerstars football kit £30

  2. Tiny Soccer Stars - Sussex has 17 reviews with an average of 4.9
    • Quality of Service 4.9
    • Value for Money 4.8
    • What the Kids Think 4.8
    • What the Adults Think 4.9


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    • Caroline, Mum of 2 Boys (5 & 4 Years ) and 1 Girl (1 year)

      The boys used to go to Tiny Soccer Stars every week and loved it. They also went to the summer classes (they were dropped off for 2 hours of games and a snack) and they both had Tiny Soccer Stars birthday parties. Fiona and Marianne made the parties so enjoyable - the children played games for about 90 minutes (plus a break for the birthday tea) - e.g. relay races, games with cones, penalty shoot outs and a giant inflatable football to head and kick. We found Tiny Soccer Stars to be more sophisticated than other children’s classes we'd been to - (i) the children have a football kit and work through a book of skills where each skill is rewarded with a sticker once the child has mastered it; (ii)the sessions are quite structured - each class involves a variety of tasks - individual work on using a specific part of the foot to control the ball, team games and free play.

      It is easy to see the progress the children make and I really think it helped for the boys to have good ball skills when they started school.

      Fiona and Marianne both have ideal personalities for the classes - they keep control of the class but it still remains lighthearted and manages to hold the children's attention. The classes also helped the boys with learning to share and sitting down and listening - important skills! My daughter is one and she'll go when she's old enough.

      Caroline 29 Jan 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Kylea, Mum of Ronnie (6) and Emily (2 ½), Horsham

      Both Ronnie and Emily started Tiny Soccer Stars classes when they were 18 months old. The classes had been so good for Ronnie that I phoned to book in Emily before she was even old enough. Both the kids have loved the classes and both now have great coordination (much better than their parents!). The classes teach them so much as Marianne uses colours and numbers and as a teacher myself, I am really impressed how so much learning comes from so much fun. Children’s activities are generally expensive but we have always prioritised these classes because they are brilliant. I highly recommend Marianne and Fiona.

      Kylea 08 Jan 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Cindy, Mum of Edison (5) and Rosena (3), Lindfield

      Edison and Rosena have been going to soccer classes with Fiona or Marianne for three years or so. The children really enjoy it and have learnt a lot. They now mostly work with Fiona. She is structured, clear, friendly and inclusive and engages the parents so it keeps it fun for us too. The classes use footballs and other props and equipment to encourage the children to develop their ball skills and coordination. They work with us and sometimes with each other in teams or as a whole group so teamwork skills are also developing. There's some number and colour work thrown in too. It's not so much about playing football or learning the rules but a great foundation for their development in general. We've attended their weekday term by term classes in the past and now do Saturdays on a week by week basis. This suits us now the children's diaries are busier, meaning that we don't have to worry about making a financial commitment that we may not be able to fully make use of. I highly recommend Fiona and Marianne's soccer classes to other families.

      Cindy 08 Jan 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Mum, Cuckfield

      A fun busy class for toddlers - a bit chaotic at times, but lots of variety around kicking a football.

      Mum 05 Mar 2013

    • Parent, Lindfield

      At Tiny Soccer Stars, Fiona is great fun, as well as very professional.

      Parent 01 Mar 2013


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    Tiny Soccer Stars - Sussex has 17 reviews with an average of 4.9
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  3. Tiny Soccer Stars - Sussex Timetable

    Contact provider
    • Mon
    • Tue
    • Wed
    • Thu
    • Fri
    • Sat
    • Sun
    • Lindfield
      9.30-10.15am - Under 3's
      10.30-11.15am - Over 3's

      9.40-10.25am - Under 3's
      10.30-11.15am - Over 3's

    • Cuckfield
      9.30-10.15am - Over 3's
      10.30-11.15am - Under 3's
    • Patcham
      9.45-10.30am - Over 3's
      10.45-11.30am - Under 3's
    • Sessions Twice Per Month - check for dates
      9.00-9.45am - 18months -2.5 yrs
      9.50-10.35am - 2.5-3.5 yrs
      10.45-11.30am: 3.5 yrs +

      9.15-10.00am - 18months -2.5 yrs
      10.10-10.55am - 2.5-3.5 yrs
      11.10-11.55am: 3.5 yrs +

      Mannings Heath
      10.00-10.45am: Over 3's

      9.15-10.00am - Under 3's
      10.15-11.00am - Over 3's
  4. Fiona Jamieson & Marianne Taylor

    We own Tiny Soccerstars in Sussex and have been working in this field for over 6 years. We provide private sessions, pre-school/nursery sessions and after-school key stage 1 clubs. Each week we teach on average 160 boys and girls providing them with a wide range of ball skills which improve their agility, balance and co-ordination in a fun and exciting way. Our structured sessions run for 45 minutes during the week and Saturdays.

    Weekday sessions run during term-time and Saturday sessions run throughout the year, which are hugely popular with dads. Our sessions in nurseries, playgroups and schools have become very popular and are in high demand.

    During the Easter and Summer holidays we organise and run weekday morning clubs in various locations. Call us for more details.

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