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Lingotastic in Gerrards Cross

  1. Our research based classes use puppets, music, stories and craft to make language learning child’s play. Children are most receptive to learning a second language from birth to four years old, so the earlier they start the better. Young children have fewer inhibitions and don’t mind speaking. It’s important to harness a love of languages from an early age and Lingotastic does this in a fun and engaging environment.

    Classes follow the same format each week with crafts, singing and lots of activity and props. We run six week blocks of French, German and Spanish. There’s also a chance to have a coffee and a natter at the end whilst the little ones play.

    “It’s amazing to watch mummies remembering the language skills they may not have used since school and encouraging other mummies to do the same. By the end of the six week block (in whichever language) mummies and little ones have all picked up new words and a few songs too. I’ve seen that many mummies have increased in confidence with their own language skills and went on to use them more with their little ones.”
    Sarah Barrett (founder)


    • We had three brilliant holiday classes this week in French, German and Spanish and have a French class at Gerrards Cross Library tomorrow at 2pm.

      29 October 2015 - More announcements

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    Classes across Bucks and Herts.

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    • Gerrards Cross St Andrews URC Church Packhorse Rd Gerrards Cross SL9 7QE
    • Berkhamsted The Little Hands and Feet Children’s Centre Lagley Hall Douglas Gardens Berkhamsted HP4 3PE
    • Chesham King’s Church Rooms Nashleigh Court 188 Severalls Avenue Chesham HP5 3EN
    • Chorleywood The Junction, Christchurch The Common Rickmansworth Road Chorleywood WD3 5SG


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  2. Lingotastic has 3 reviews with an average of 5.0
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Cassandra, Mum of Hannah (3), Bucks

      I've been going to Lingotastic with my daughter for about 18 months now and Sarah, the lady who runs it, is just so lovely with all the children and grown ups. I really like that it’s multi sensory so to start with they do craft making which covers different words like animals and colours. They then move onto singing and the songs are great, they’re very catchy so the kids love joining in with them. Sarah also uses puppets which are great for bringing things to life and she uses a bubble machine in the middle of the session to re energise the children. The group is great fun and caters for a range of different children of different ages and is very kid centric. Sarah creates a lovely, friendly environment which is nice on lots of levels and you also get a cup of tea at the end so you can chat and meet new friends too.

      Cassandra 30 Sep 2015

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    • Emily, Mum of 1, Chesham

      I've been going to the Lingotastic classes with my daughter for about a year now and it’s a really fun and friendly class to do. They do a variety of activities including craft making and singing songs, which offers a mixed media approach to language learning. Sarah is so enthusiastic and she tries to make the classes different every week with interesting props and accessories. It’s amazing how quickly the children pick up the songs and the languages and it’s a great way for the adults to learn the languages too! After the class we stay for coffee and biscuits, while the children have a play. We have made some lovely friends along the way!

      Emily 24 Sep 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Saumya, Mum of Nathan (3) and Isabelle (18 months), Aylesbury

      I am a German native and when I first heard about Lingotastic I wondered how it would work as they do French, Spanish and German. I decided to give it a go for my children starting with German and Sarah teaches each language for 6 weeks at a time. The classes are really lovely, there is no forced atmosphere and she has all the children engaged in no time. Singing both new and familiar nursery rhymes in both English and the new language the children are very eager to join in. They get to do crafts, singing and play with multi sensory props and it’s all very baby friendly. I'm very surprised at how much they've both picked up without me doing a great deal at home. My toddler even heard some one speaking a language he didn't know recently and tried to join in by mimicking the language which was lovely! I've been really happy and impressed with every thing and my children love it so they look forward to coming every week.

      Saumya 24 Sep 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    Lingotastic has 3 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  3. Latest from Lingotastic

    • We had three brilliant holiday classes this week in French, German and Spanish and have a French class at Gerrards Cross Library tomorrow at 2pm.

      29 October 2015

    • We've just finished a brilliant term of Spanish. On 2nd of November we'll be blasting off to France for seven weeks of French fun. We're heading up to Christmas so we'll have some brilliant Christmastime makes.

      29 October 2015

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  5. Sarah Barrett

    ello, I’m Sarah Barrett. As amum of three (aged 6, 8 and 15) with a German speaking husband we have brought up our children with an awareness of the languages around them. My children recognise and can speak words in German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Mandarin. We don’t have language lessons. We just incorporate them into our livesusing songs, phrases, games, programmes (like The Lingo Show and Tiny Tumble) and just having fun with languages. I love puppets, craft, singing and languages.

    I’ve been involved in teaching little ones on a voluntary basis since 2002 so have lots of experience.

    I set up a parent and toddler music group four years ago which I run with another mum so I have a good idea of what young children respond well to (a few of the song’s we use each week are originally English, used at this group)

    You may have noticed I have not specified languages offered. I think (based on research by Manchester University Discovering Language - multilingual language awareness) for very young children it is more important that they have fun with languages and start to recognise how different languages sound. This is how we learn to speak initially, and how children brought up bilingually learn. This sets them up for a lifetime of language learning. Having said that, teaching takes place in six week blocks so families have time to learn the songs and a few vocabulary words. I offer space for the bilingual parents to share ideas too, to encourage families in their language learning journey.

    Come join us on this exciting language learning adventure.

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