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Sarah Newton (Teenologist) - Help your Child Ace Exams

This is the first of two parts of a guest post from the acclaimed expert teenologist Sarah Newton. Hailed "The Supernanny for Teens" by TV Times she is an author, speaker, consultant and creator. Her wisdom has been shared with millions through her TV and radio shows, writing and thought provoking talks.

Top Tips to help your child ace their exams

  • Start Early!

Encourage your child not to leave it until the last minute, they will end up stressed and frazzled...

"When working with students I get them to do a calculation; the amount of hours they want to study per day versus the amount of days left before the first exam. So if they thought 2 hours a day was enough, they have 12 weeks before the exams starts and they will study 5 days a week, then that is 120 hours of study. When we have done this calculation I ask them if that enough; do they think that is enough time to study for all their exams. You can even go one step further and break it into hours per subject."

  • Define a memory style

Help your child discover their memory style...

"A memory style is different from learning style and it is what we need to use to remember information required for exams. There are five different memory styles, some of which may seem very alien if not your style." Read more on memory styles.

  • Revision Styles

What's their revision style? Stationary or Nomadic?...

"A stationary reviser will like to study in one place, which could be anywhere in the house, but they mostly will stick to this one place. If they are a stationary learner, make sure that the place they like to study is set up with everything they will need. Clear a shelf if you need to; make it as easy as possible for them to study and find what they need. If they like to move around, never in the same place twice, then they are a nomadic reviser. Let them be with that and don’t make them wrong for it. Just get a box, basket or bag that they can put all their stuff in and move around the house with them."

  • Create the right Environment

Everyone should take care, and respect when a child is studying.  Create a environment that works with their memory and revision style...

"Remember that when a child is studying and going through their exams everyone in the house should respect this. Little brother should not annoy them during study time. Mealtimes should be where they can fit in with their study timetable; the place they like to study should be as clean as it can be from clutter and anything that may distract them. Make sure the room is light; natural light is best and make sure that a window can be opened to prevent it from getting stuffy. It is best if this room is painted in calmer colours like blue and yellow. Blue is known to be a very good colour for remembering information. Make sure the environment is conducive to study and that it is their way of study, not yours."

Want to read more from teen expert Sarah Newton? Why not view her KalliKids learning articles?


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