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Welcome to the watery world of creativity and imagination that Swimkidz brings to each and every lesson you and your child has with us.

Swimkidz was founded in February 2009 by Trish Hare who recognised that there were lots of baby swim schools but very few who could offer quality classes past the age of 3yrs with knowledgeable instructors to take them to the next level of swimming.

Swimkidz is going from strength to strength driven by our passion and love of teaching little ones to swim.

We don’t just specialise in teaching babies, our instructors are trained to teach from birth to pre-competitive swimming so from the outset the right foundations are laid. This also means that once your child has ‘outgrown’ baby swimming they can progress to the next level with us so you can rest assured you are in great hands!

Swimkidz lessons are structured, progressive and lots of fun.

Baby lessons are generally split into four ten week terms with each course building on the next. You will be amazed at what your little one can do, and it will be no time at all until they are confidently coming into the water, turning around and holding onto the rail / wall and climbing out! As your baby progresses through the course they will be swimming short distances underwater to get sinkers and diving in.

Once they have completed the baby courses we have the toddler programme, your little one will learn some amazing skills in readiness for surface swimming.  Here we will be delivering some challenging skills that will engage every toddler’s imagination and prepare them for the next level.

So the time has come when you no longer have to get wet…. When your child reaches 3½-4 years they can join our academy in small class sizes. It isn’t compulsory as each child’s needs are different so we will discuss this with you first.

Our Classes follow the national and international plans for teaching swimming but delivered in a fun and creative way, therefore getting the best from your child.

So when should I start baby swimming??

You can start swimming with your baby as soon as you feel ready, ideally before 12 months,all of our pools are heated to 30 degrees or above and we are extremely lucky to have some hydrotherapy pools for the tiny babies.

Babies under 12 weeks or 12lbs in weight need to swim in the warmer hydrotherapy pools but we will make sure we guide you through all these options should you choose to book with us.

Our mission is to teach as many babies and children to swim as possible to reduce water based accidents. Swimkidz teach hundreds of babies, toddlers and children each week across the UK, all classes are taught by our amazing, highly qualified instructors in warm pools.

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