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Philly is a soft tissue therapist qualified to offer sports massage and remedial treatments to reduce aches and pains and relax and relieve tight muscles. These advanced techniques specifically tailored to individual needs ultimately restore physical and psychological well-being. Philly also runs Baby Massage classes to teach parents how to massage their baby (from birth to one year old). In addition to the number of benefits Baby Massage provides, such as aiding digestion and promoting sleep, this 5 week course creates a lovely environment for the parent to spend some quality calm time with their baby and at the same time they are learning a life-long parenting skill.

Baby Massage

Philly is a qualified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). She runs 5 week courses for those parents and primary caregivers in the Brighton & Hove area who wish to learn how to massage their baby (from birth to one year old). Baby Massage is a wonderful way for parents to use positive touch. This gives the opportunity for special time together, incorporating not only the massage but also therapeutic hugs and holds, fun with nursery rhymes and music. Baby Massage is also a fantastic way for parent's to learn how their baby communicates with them, enabling parents to understand what their baby wants and comfort them with loving touch.

Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing ante natal massage which can provide emotional support during all stages of pregnancy. Pressure can be from gentle and soothing through to using deeper pressure to alleviate those painful areas such as relief from back pain, achy hips, and heavy legs amongst the many other benefits.

Philly includes acupressure techniques within her routine which can be used for nausea, pre-birth preparation, common pregnancy symptoms, induction of labour and pain relief in childbirth. Great care is taken with providing a purely relaxing environment using a blend of oils and making you feel as comfortable as possible so you can feel connected to your body and baby during a time of physical and emotional change.

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Works very deeply into muscle fibres reducing muscle aches, tension and breaking down knots and areas of scar tissue in problem areas. This specialised deep connective tissue treatment uses both pressure and deep stretching techniques that is not only proven to be able to speed up rehabilitation time of an injury, but is also an excellent form of treatment for injury prevention.

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