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A child's confidence increases dramatically, when concepts struggled with at school suddenly click, overcoming limiting beliefs, such as 'I can't spell' or 'I can't do maths'. That's when our tutors hear the phrases - "aha!", "I get it now!", "I can do that!", "that's how it's done!" or "that's what it means!" Those are "Eureka moments"!

There are many reasons why Eureka Tuition produces so many outstanding results for children wanting to improve in English and/or maths. Below are three key ones.

1.     Your child's success with us begins with a FREE, no-obligation educational assessment

2.     This sets the starting level and scope of the individual learning programme we design for each child

3.      Enthusiastic, qualified teachers use proven methods in a positive learning environment.

We emphasise the positive aspects and achievements of every child. Almost all our students make significantly better progress at school, resulting in:

* an improved class position
* better SATs results at the end of key stages
* passing school entrance exams
* higher than predicted grades in GCSE


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Key Contact
Hilary Pepper

01257 266777



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