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Welcome to Acting Bugs! - Acting Bugs is the creation of Cbeebies actress Samantha Seager (Bobby The Bus Cleaner from Me Too!) Acting Bugs offers fun weekly drama and storytelling classes for children from 3 - 4 years. For those children under 3, Diddy Bugs stimulates the senses through story based sessions. We provide inspiring and imaginative Nursery and Library sessions.

Acting Bugs Classes

Acting Bugs classes are weekly drama sessions carefully devised so the parent/carer can join in alongside the child. The sessions are themed half termly and incorporate an ongoing story which includes singing, movement, puppets, props and improvisation. The sessions follow the same structure each week which always ends with our Story Stage where any child who wants to can come up and sing a song, tell a joke or simply take a bow. These sessions ignite imagination, boost confidence and encourage independent thought and concentration. There is lots of opportunity for the children to shape the story. Perfect for pre-schoolers (3-4 year olds).

Diddy Bugs Classes

Diddy Bugs classes are weekly drama sessions for toddlers.These delightful story based sessions are repeated for approximately 4-5 weeks as children love the repetition and become familiar with the characters and story. These are sensory based sessions which use a variety of props and puppets, music, singing and movement to help bring new worlds and environments to life. Young toddlers will learn all about the world around them and will have lots of fun experimenting with sound, texture and visual treats along with the help of their grown up. These sessions are designed so the parent/carer can join in alongside the child and are suitable from 18 months upwards.

Acting Bugs Parties

At Acting Bugs we specialise in creating magical parties for children aged 2 – 7 years. Our story adventure parties get everyone involved in the exciting action of your chosen story theme. Will you be visiting Bubble Land on the Magic Train? Or helping Princess Puddle find her way home in time for the Palace Ball? Or rescuing the magic silver telescope from naughty Captain Bluebottom in an exciting fun filled Pirate adventure.?

With over 15 themes to choose from, there’s sure to be one you and your child will love! Each party includes puppets, singing, drama, dancing and bubbles and is led by an enthusiastic and talented actor. Each party lasts an hourand all parties are suitable for boys and girls.

It is our recommendation that for parties aimed at under 4’s the children will benefit greatly if the parents are encouraged to join in with the drama and action.


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