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My business is three-fold.  
First, I offer fun and relaxed baby massage and Baby Yoga tuition in local group sessions and individual home visits.  The Your Precious Baby, baby massage classes and Baby Yoga Classes follow the only system in England that is accredited by both the Royal College of Midwives and the Complimentary Therapy Association.  This service is available to parents, grandparents and carers in Horley and the surrounding areas.

  • The massage course is based on the Hands on Babies accredited programme which uses the principle that nurturing touch is a fundamental part of a baby’s well-being and development.   It is believed that the classes provide parents with an easy and enjoyable routine that enables them to cherish and show love to their children through the most basic form of communication.
  • Baby massage can play an integral role helping to provide babies with the best possible start in life; health, happiness, security and the feeling of being loved.
  • The art of baby massage is a fantastic and fulfilling life skill to learn.  During my baby massage courses, the parent/carer will have “hands on” experience and practice on their own baby.  I will demonstrate all the sequences of touch and massage for you to follow using a weighted baby doll specifically designed for such use.  By the end of the 6-week course you should be confident to massage your baby from head to toe.  
  • Your Precious Baby will also provide you with routines that are considered to help teething, colic, constipation and wind.
  • Baby Yoga is so much fun.  We have lots of laughs.  There are so many benefits to both you and your baby; Developing good coordination, showing babies that their arms and legs can work independently to each other, teaching them to put their hands out in case of need, helping them to address change and the unknown, self-calming, strengthening core muscles whilst working within their own individual needs, wants and flexibilty.  These are just some of the benefits.  There are benefits for the mums / carers too.

Group classes are generally run with 6 parents/carers and their babies.  You can register for one of the courses run at the Tesco Community Room, Tesco Extra, Hookwood near Horley on Tuesdays.  Please book early to avoid disappointment in class availability.

Alternatively, why not make up your own group class with your friends, antenatal group or NCT group in the comfort of your own home.  I am willing to travel around Horley and the local surrounding area.  (minimum of 4 in a class).  Group classes are a great way to make new friends or nurture friendships already made.  


These are small group classes for dads/granddads or other male carer who are perhaps not able to attend the other small group classes due to work commitments for example.  


If you prefer to have classes on your own in the privacy of your own home, then these classes are for you.  The course is also for 6 weeks.  If you have one other friend that you would like to do the baby massage class with, then I may be able to adjust the price slightly.

  • Please do get in contact with Alison of Your Precious Baby to enroll on a class or to ask a question. 

I also handcraft beautiful, bespoke, solid silver keepsakes with tiny impressions of hands, feet, fingerprints and baby scans for example.  I can even impress a company logo into silver.

  • The keepsakes are predominantly ordered by parents as gifts for their loved ones and each design is specific to their needs, be it a gift from one parent to another, or even from a parent to a child, with the parents’ fingerprints so that if ever they are apart, the child has something special that is a real part of them to tangibly hold and one day pass down from generation to generation.  They also make wonderful wedding gifts from a bride to a groom, and vice versa.
  • The most delicate commissions are for those parents that have lost a baby and wish to have a keepsake with their impression.  They feel that this can help by giving them a real part of their lost child that they can keep close to them and never forget.
  • My latest commissions have been of prints from special pets.  Other design options have also been requested.  Please see my website for a picture gallery of past commissions.
  • I can offer keepsake jewellery via post, however, I prefer to offer a personal service whereby I help my customers to take the impressions to ensure the best quality of print.  I will only deliver the highest quality keepsake jewellery to them with perfection from start to finish.

Finally, I am a distributor for Konfidence baby and child safe swimwear to keep children safe and warm in the water and safe in the sun.  Konfidence is Europe’s leading designer of premium protective  swimwear for babies, infants and children.  There are also some items for Adults too.

  • designed for keeping your baby warm, safe and happy. 
  • so babies and children can have fun learning to swim. 
  • giving babies, kids and adults The Konfidence. 
  • providing the most advanced protection available. 
  • looking cool, staying warm. 

Konfidence swimwear can be collected from Orchard House or delivered most places in the UK by post.  Please view the Your Precious Baby website for more details and to download the catalogue.


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