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Young Friends Nursery offers exceptional childcare from the age of 6months to five. Our ethos is to provide fantastic childcare through passionate and intelligent staff, teaching our children to be eco-friendly, making excellent healthy food and lifestyle choices (our huge garden is a rare gem not often found in the heart of Hove and so close to Brighton town centre), developing high self-esteem and insuring our children are one step ahead when they reach infant school, both socially and academically. Many of our children go together to the local Brighton and Hove Infant schools with which we have very strong connections. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage, guided by our Early Years Professional and our qualified teacher, to promote consistent development and the thriving of each child who joins our Nursery.

We have recently (April 2013) been awarded an Outstanding Ofsted grading in which Ofsted referred to numerous areas of our Nursery childcare as ‘exemplary’, including the Nursery children’s behaviour, leadership of the Nursery and team, staff interaction with our children and consistency of care throughout the Nursery. Our weekly blog and frequent exciting educational trips in and around Brighton and Hove really set us apart from the rest. Our families often express how exceptional the childcare at Young Friends Nursery is.

We pride ourselves in offering the children high quality care in a safe, fun, educational, highly stimulating but also nurturing, relaxing and loving environment.  Our nursery team are highly qualified and specifically chosen for their enthusiasm, passion and natural flair for childcare. The nursery takes great strides to ensure each child is cared for both individually and as part of a collective group. Each child is individually supported in their own needs and offered challenges and opportunities specifically designed for their own progression. This is made possible by the in depth knowledge the staff have of their key children and by the in depth and detailed nature of our observations and assessment.

The nursery is split into four age and development based groups, each with their own unique and spacious rooms. The stimulating environments are carefully designed to encourage creativity and independence are comprehensively resourced to offer exciting and varied experiences. The children also have constant access to our amazing spacious garden. The beautiful outdoor space has a fully functioning vegetable patch, digging area, sensory area, nursery rabbit, climbing frame and offers countless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Each group has their own 45 minute slot in the garden each morning and in the afternoons we are fortune enough to be able to easily allow the whole nursery to enjoy the outdoors together, creating a wonderful family orientated atmosphere where the children can play alongside friends and siblings regardless of age. 

The nursery is run with a big emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle. We provide healthy and nutritious home cooked food throughout the day, with a fantastic three week rotated menu. The children sit together for social meal times with the staff and can enjoy their delicious food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We also have a vast array of physical resources for the garden where the staff encourage games and exercise and the children of each age group take part in planned daily music and movement sessions.


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