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Windmill Young Actors is dedicated to providing professional, affordable and exciting acting classes for young performers aged 8 – 16. We celebrate collaborative and ensemble work in all its forms and have a proven track record of inspiring additional confidence, skill and enjoyment through drama.

Based in Brighton and Hove, Windmill Young Actors is unique in offering 2 full hours of acting classes whilst also encouraging writing and devising within the classes themselves.

Windmill Young Actors meets weekly during term time with each term culminating in a performance at the wonderful Windmill Theatre at Blatchington Mill School.

Through the group experience of creating unique pieces of theatre Windmill Young Actors aims to equip the next generation of performers and people with the tools to express themselves freely and imaginatively whilst learning to act in a safe and fun environment.

We believe that through structured rehearsal and team work, a young ensemble can create thought-provoking, exciting and passionate performance suitable for everyone.  Whether it is to improve skills or to increase confidence, Windmill Young Actors will inspire wonderfully rounded, centred and focussed young performers.

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Key Contact
Tanushka Marah

07932 776114




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