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Are you struggling to find a party that's a bit different and exciting?  Something which hasn't already been done numerous times by all your daughter's friends at their parties?  Something which is clean and calm, great fun for the girls and stress free for you?  Something which won't cost the earth and will have all the girls wanting the same party for their next birthday?  Let's be honest, we all worry about having stressful childrens parties, where the kids run crazily around the house shouting and screaming, jumping on the furniture and leaving toys and party food all round the house! 

Well I'm a mum too so let me reassure you.....Girls (and boys too!) absolutely love these parties, and will sit calmly and quietly round a table for an hour or more making their jewellery.  Honestly!  Even five year olds will sit still quite happily when they have millions of sparkly beads put right in front of them that they're allowed to touch!  They will talk, but it will be lovely girly chatter, and if there is music playing they will sing the chorus to all the songs they know (of which there are many!).  This will be the calmest, quietest party you have EVER had! Promise! Just look at my reviews if you don't believe me!

Jewellery Making Parties are fun and creative for the girls and clean, calm and completely stress free for the parents!  I bring everything needed to give your special girl a party she (and all her friends) will love!  There are six jewellery making parties to choose from, depending on age and ability, and all the girls are able to make at least one gorgeous item which they can either wear immediately, or place in a pretty organza keepsake bag.  The parties are for girls from the age of five, but I do also have beads for boys if brothers, friends or cousins are invited!

They are lovely, calm parties and the girls chatter as they make their jewellery which is often very entertaining! If there is background music, they will usually sing along to their favourite songs too!  (I'm always amazed that they know all the words!)I am based in Southampton and cover Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire and West Sussex.  I will arrive at you home or party venue 15 minutes before the start of your party to set up, and clear everything away when the girls have finished, leaving you with lots of happy girls and a lovely tidy room!


I also do 'Host your own Party Kits' for anyone who lives further away or who would just like to run the party themselves.  They are a complete jewellery making party in a box and are a very cost effective way of running a fabulous DIY party!


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