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What we offer:-

  • Authentic Dance Classes & Fitness
  • Adult Fitness Classes
  • Arts Award Qualifications
  • Choreographic Competitions
  • Dance Parties
  • GCSE Dance Education & Support
  • Performance
  • Workshops
  • Youth Dance Companies
Street Dance

 UD is one of the few Dance Companies in the UK to provide authentic Street Dance Classes and with one of only 85 qualified Street Dance teachers in the entire WORLD on board at UD, there is no better place to come to train in this dance style!

Our classes cover all Street Dance styles including Locking, Popping, House, Breakin and we specialise in Hip Hop. During class your child will be encouraged to embrace the Street Dance culture of individuality, positivity, socialisation and unity. We regularly team up with other Street Dance Specialists to offer our students workshops in specific training areas as well.


Being part of The Universal Cheerer’s isn’t just a great way for your child to have fun and socialise. It also offers a range of skills from excellent co-ordination, trust, confidence, and incredible team work. Classes involve all the basic Cheer fundamentals; motions, jumps, stunts, tumbling and high energy dance routines.


 This class is perfect for anyone wanting to improve fitness, core stability and flexibility. With Contemporary Dance studied as part of the school curriculums attending regular technique classes will aid in the learning and development of this art form.

Classes include techniques such as Cunningham, Graham and Release, centre, floor and travelling exercises as well as a stretch as part of the cool down. You will have time to explore your own choreographic ideas and learn routines inspired by some of the world’s greatest choreographers.

Performing Arts

UD’s Performing Arts class is the place to be every Saturday morning - one three hour class encompassing Drama, Singing and Dance! Drama is a great way for children to use their imagination and encourage creativity through learning. Your child will explore a range of theatre, drama and performance skills through activities designed to engage, challenge and develop each child individually. The Singing element is aimed at encouraging a singer's confidence as well as improving their technique. The theatrical interpretation and characterisation of show songs offers an exciting way for a singer to develop their performance skills and perfectly gels the common links between Drama and Dance.

GCSE Dance

Our GCSE classes are led by Jess Lloyd who has been delivering the course at Lewes Old Grammar School since 2008. She focuses on providing specialist workshops, dance classes & one-to-one sessions to assist with GCSE and/or A'Level Dance for students in years 9-13. With a team of experienced dance practitioners and Jess as our GCSE Specialist on board at UD, we are able to provide technical, choreographic & performance training to assist with the four practical units of GCSE Dance




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