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The Da Capo (meaning ‘from the beginning’) award winning music classes for babies and toddlers provide an excellent foundation which has proven the test of time and produced many musicians around Brighton and Hove.

Children benefit from musical activities from birth. Music, rhythm and dance improve verbal and physical skills, emotional development, build confidence and greatly enhance learning abilities. Classes include music from many cultures, genres and traditions, celebrating the seasons, and many festivals. Life in baby music is a year long party with changing themes, colours and textures of music, puppets and props enhancing the fun of the learning journey.

Da Capo is taught by Jackie Chase (piano and vocals) who has 23 year experience of teaching these classes and George McKenzie (guitar) who graduated BA Hons from BIMM in 2011 and various instrumentalists who appear as magical musical visitors on a regular basis. Jackie believes that music helps children grow into happy healthy people, helps them to articulate words, sounds, and helps their imagination. 


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