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Our unique and fun Turtle Tots baby swimming lessons and toddler swimming lessons teach you to swim with your young child, whilst giving you a fantastic toning workout at the same time!

The Turtle Tots program of swimming begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be, and continues once your baby is born with specialist and progressive swimming classes for babies and toddlers. The classes have also been written in conjunction with experienced personal trainers to promote fitness through pre-natal and post-natal pregnancy exercises. Every movement can be adapted to suit individual ability levels and the classes provide an excellent toning work out for mums and mums-to-be. Of course all of our swimming classes for babies and toddlers are open to dads as well, who also love to come along, as they are so fun and enjoyable!

Baby Programme

You are welcome to join a Turtle Tots baby swimming class at any time from when your baby is newborn, until they are 14 months old. At our classes you will learn how to swim with your baby above and below the water and how to teach your baby water confidence and key lifesaving skills. Equally importantly, the baby swimming classes provide the most overwhelming bonding experience! The benefits of baby swimming classes are numerous. A weekly swim improves your baby’s cardio-vascular system and builds strength. Swimming can aid early walking co-ordination and associated motor skills are also improved through regular exercise.

Toddler Programme

Our swimming classes for toddlers are a natural progression from our baby swimming classes. The course has been carefully designed with a balanced set of activities including swimming technique, safety skills, floating, individual and group work including songs and games. However, the emphasis remains on learning through having fun! Our toddler course is split into three levels based on ability and age, where your child will develop their water confidence, stroke development and learn essential life-saving skills

Aqua Natal Yoga

Exercise is great during pregnancy, helping to maintain your fitness and strength whilst controlling your weight too. Maintaining fitness during pregnancy will help you cope better with the birth and speed your return to full fitness following birth!

To achieve fitness, your skeletal, muscle and nervous systems work in unison to provide the co-ordination, energy and sufficient oxygen required. The fantastic thing about water is that whilst submerged all these systems can work better together, in a more integrated way, than on land. Turtle Tums has numerous benefits however overwhelmingly our aqua-natal yoga classes are a great opportunity to meet other like-minded mums to be, whilst bonding with your unborn baby and having a fantastic and safe workout!




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