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Hello, my name is Kate and I run Turtle Tots West Kent which is a unique swimming programme starting with aqua yoga for mums to be and continues with swimming lessons from birth up to toddler/pre-school. Our programme is designed to be progressive, fun & educational, we sing a lot too so come prepared with your singing voice! 

Our main priority is teaching your baby water confidence and key lifesaving skills. Babies have a real affinity with water and those that are introduced early to swimming are more comfortable and relaxed in this environment, which is so similar to what they experienced whilst in the womb.

Our classes are fun, social and stimulating and not only great for babies but a fantastic work out for mums & dads too. Using the water as resistance each class can burn up to 250 calories and is great for strengthening core stability and improving posture and pelvic floor, our programme has been endorsed by OBE Dr Greg Whyte who is an Olympian and a sports scientist


All Turtle Tots teachers are trained to the highest standard possible with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) or the Swimming Teachers Associated (STA), we all have lifeguard qualifications or poolside helper/rescue qualifications. On top of all this we have completed the rigorous Turtle Tots training which incorporates the STA’s baby and pre-school qualification.


Our classes are held in warm water pools, and you can join at anytime after you are 14 weeks pregnant, or after you've had your baby.

If you have any questions or would like further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing me kate.brown@turtletots.com or calling me on 07539 727 775.



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